Saturday, April 30, 2011

FACEBOOK in Virtuelle Träume

This is not done! Surprisingly I am online on the Net, and on Facebook most of the time! Addicted to it I guess, nothing better to do! The funny part is ,when I sleep at odd or even times! I keep commenting, hitting the likes and adding friends on Facebook in my dreams too from one id to another! Should I call this Virtual Dreams(Virtuelle Träume)! To my surprise it makes me wonder how addicted I might be to a thing that could not leave me in my dreams too! It's quite hilarious that I am on FB for all that while, and I am not anywhere else' I mean namely Twitter, Messenger,or anywhere else, & I am only on FB, Hitting & Clicking the Tabs on FB! I guess I soon need to great my Dream Analysis done, and join a 'Dream Analysis' (Traume Analyse) page on FB. I am sure I do not need a Psychiatrist! (& I specially went on Google to search the correct spelling of Psychiatrist) Half of the time I get up and start thinking in the middle of the Sleep, was I online in Real or was it again a dream!& the next time when I get up on the net in Real I do check in whether all that happened in my dreams happened in for real or not! Not fair at all! - Anonymous (27 yr, Male, Germany)

A STRANGER I met Virtually

There was a Stranger (A person from Dehradun who often used to visit Delhi, Though we have not know each other for much time thorough the Facebook! It was recent though that we started much of Commenting on each other's Statuses. This guy I met on FB and never met in real face to face though. We talked a couple of times very less though. It all started as a add professionally! Well it was because of some reason that we kind of became family! We discussed about each other's life in general and work etc.And often did 3rd person was the topic of discussion! This person called me something that is so out of the world, do not want to mention it here though!. But it was one of the worlds best thing someone could ever call you! I lost him finally! Why do these misunderstanding and lack of communication cause such things to happen! We were actually discussing about the 3rd person and I told listen I would not appreciate you forcing me do things I would not want to, swearing me on you for the 3rd person and all! & I got a revert ok will never sms you and disturb you. I made all of my points clear of sorting it all out! but there was no response from the other side in a way I could feel anything could be back to normal! I messaged and tried my effort to be in touch again! because ,it was just a stupid thing over the sms message that just took it all in a very different track! Are words like relationships, care, love, friendship,brother are so unreal and so fake, and so easy to forget and loose! I cried after that and I could not help just putting it down in here! I do not even get Good Night messages that I used too, Once you start getting addicted to someone or something you just start to miss it when not there! - Anonymous (34 yr, old Male, Delhi,India)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

KASHMIR-Who's it? Who's getting it!

"Kiska hai, kisko Mileyga"

Kashmir today is without Kashmiri Pandits. A religious minorily, with its 5,000 years of evidenced history and roots linked with Kashmir, was under a concerted plan of ethnic cleansing, forcibly hounded out enmasse from their natural habitat. (Text Source;Shri Ashok Bhans's Paper)

The current agitation in Indian-Held Kashmir is rooted in the struggle of the people for the exercise of the right of self-determination. Peaceful processions chanting demands for freedom were fired upon by Indian Army and Police. Hundreds of men, women and children have been killed or wounded. New Delhi’s allegations of assistance to the Kashmiri people from the Pakistan side are unfounded. Objective reports in foreign media testify that the Kashmiri agitation is indigenous.

Pakistan upholds the right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to self-determination in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. These resolutions of 1948 and 1949 provided for the holding of a free and impartial plebiscite for the determination of the future of the State by the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory. It does not involve the principle of respect for the unity and territorial integrity of states to which Pakistan adhere. Attempts to forcibly suppress the legitimate demands of the people of Jammu and Kashmir are doomed to failure. Similarly, threats of use of force will not affect Pakistan’s resolve to maintain its position of principle. The Indian claim is that the State is an integral part of the Indian Union and brooks no further discussion. With such a rigid approach, no scope for manoeuvre, what hope can be expected from any talks on the issue which India sometimes agrees to open with Pakistan to hoodwink the world opinion.

Ever since the Simla Agreement was signed, a quarter of a century ago, India has insisted that the issue is purely bilateral one and must be solved without any outside intercession or mediation. India is so allergic to the very reference of the issue in any international forum that one needs to recall India’s bitter reaction to Nelson Mandela’s mention of “Kashmir” at the 1998 NAM Conference in South Africa. Even as India comes to half-hearted international pressure to resolve the flashpoint issue of Kashmir with its neighbour, it only agrees to bilateral talks to gain time.

In May 1998 the issue came to the fore front in the wake of nuclear explosions first by India and then by Pakistan, after which many genuinely hoped that international pressure would be brought to bear on India to come to a meaningful resolution of the Kashmir problem that has bedeviled the two nations of the sub-continent and has eaten up so much of their meager resources. One thing is starkly clear : without an active interest of big powers to come to the rescue of Kashmiris, India will never agree to any meaningful talks on Kashmir.

To avenge their defeats at the hands of India, Pakistan embarked on sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir. It is a matter of common knowledge that, for the last 10 years, the people of Kashmir, particularly Kashmiri Hindus and Hindus of the Doda district in Jammu, in particular, are under perpetual threat from the Pakistani-sponsored militants. They lured and tempted the uneducated youth to take arms against their own brethren with whom they had lived for centuries in peace and tranquillity. (Text Source;Shri Ashok Bhans's Paper)

To be more precise, the terrorist violence has brought about a disaster to all the communities in Kashmir, its culture, its development, its overall social conditions and so on.

- Anonymous (A 45 yr old in India from Pakistan)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anna Hazare WHO?

Kisan Baburao Hazare born 15 January 1940 in Bhingar, popularly known as Anna Hazare is an Indian social activist who is especially recognized for his contribution to the development of Ralegan Siddhi, a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India and his efforts for establishing it as a model village, for which he was awarded the Padma Bhushan 'the third-highest civilian award' by the government of India in 1992. He was felicitated by the Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation on 15 January 1987 and by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Hazare had six younger siblings and the family faced significant hardships. Hazare's childless aunt offered to look after him and his education, and took Anna to Bombay.Hazare studied up to the 7th standard in Bombay and then sought employment, due to the economic situation in his household. He started selling flowers at Dadar to support his family. He soon started his own shop and brought two of his brothers to Bombay. Gradually Hazare's income increased to around Rs. 800 per month, a decent income in those times. He started his career in the Indian Army as a driver in 1963. He spent his spare time reading the works of Vivekananda, Gandhi & Vinoba Bhave: they inspired him to become a social worker and activist. During the Indo-Pak War of 1965 he was the only survivor in a exchange of border fire while driving a truck in Khem Karan sector. During the mid-1970s he survived a road accident while driving.

Greek Mythology - Face that launched thousand ships! Anna launched HAZAAR -e- missiles to hit corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. He has now become Anna HAZARD TO POLITICIANS.

It seems these days everyone wants Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare to endorse their cause.In an attempt to resolve issues - from corruption to Maoists - AH has been fighting against corruption for a long time he is fighting for LB which gives way to strict punishment for corrupt people and even questioning judges if they are involve in a corruption.

"I will fast until Jan Lokpal Bill is passed" - AH

The 73-year-old anti-corruption campaigner AH called off his five-day-old hunger strike on Saturday morning at Jantar Mantar after receiving a gazette notification from the Center regarding constitution of a 10-member joint committee, comprising members from the government and civil society, to draft an effective LPB.

His fast may or may not lead to a movement to cleanse India of its ills. It was essentially a protest that struck a chord in many.In the past, AH’s fasts had compelled the Maharashtra government to drop ministers. This time, what made the difference was that he was in the national capital, under the glare of a media which hyped it up, the fast came after a plethora of scams which had robbed middle class Indians of a feel-good they had experienced in recent years, and the government was anyway on the back foot.

It is true that those who live in glass houses should not cast stones at others. It is possible that those who are supporting an end to corruption may well have paid money to get their child admitted to a school,to buy a railway ticket,orto get afile moving in a government office, or worse. They may be “corrupt” or “clean” in varying degrees. But that does not mean that they cannot cry“enough is enough”,and demand an end to a corrupt system which has corroded our polity and society.

The controversies sought to be created around Anna Hazare’s fast have obfuscated the real issue — which is the enactment of the LB. It was this objective which had led Hazare to undertake a fast and he compelled the Government to notify a joint committee to draft an effective legislation, hanging fire for 42 years.

“This just the beginning of the fight against corruption. Our responsibility has now increased. We will ensure that the LB is passed before August 15, 2011” - Hazare said.

The 10-member Joint Drafting Committee with Cabinet members — Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee (chairman), Home Minister P. Chidamabaram, Law Minister Veerappa Moily (convenor), Telecom and HRD Minister Kapil Sibal & Water Resources Minister Salman Khurshid. Apart from Mr. Hazare, civil society represented by the former Law Minister, Shanti Bhushan (co-chairperson), the former Supreme Court Judge, Justice N. Santosh Hegde, lawyer Prashant Bhushan & RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal.

Corruption is a complex malaise in India. It is rooted in opaque and badly-run institutions that have been fostered and tolerated over the years. Then there is the stifling, post-colonial bureaucracy. Everyone knows the warped government policies, like misplaced food and energy subsidies, are open to abuse. Add to that the failure to reform India’s election system with its shadowy private funding of candidates, many of whom have criminal records. And many people – some now protesting against corruption – have become habitual bribe givers to navigate the system they have lost faith in. More cynicism has bred more corruption. It’s not clear how far Mr Hazare’s campaign will go – but setting up an citizen’s ombudsman will not be the end of corruption. There’s much more to do.

The Congress would do well to remember that it was the use of dirty tricks which gave a fillup to VP Singh’s campaign against corruption during 1987-89,and brought him to power, replacing Rajiv Gandhi. Of course, Anna Hazare is no VP Singh. But the mood against corruption is reminiscent of the late eighties.

AH's efforts include: Transformation of Ralegan Siddhi, Uprooting Alcoholism, Watershed Development Programme, Milk Production, Education, Removal of Untouchability, Collective Marriages, Gram Sabha, Anti-Corruption Protests in Maharashtra, Right to Information Movement & the None of the above (NOTA) - Electoral Reform Movement & Lokpal Bill Movement.

The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realized without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man. – Anna Hazare

I will also like to share one such Campaign Effort for the AH Cause, that is known to me, for which I was a part too!

'threemonkeyscampaign' - 'A Million Voices for Anna Hazare' started by Journalists Hindol Sengupta & Shweta Punj to support Anna Hazare and his fight. It comes from the simple Gandhian image of three monkeys with their hands on their eyes, ears & mouth signifying: See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. It aimed to gather one million on & offline signatures supporting the campaign & urged each person who signs to send an image, photo or sketch of a monkey to the Prime Minister's Office and the office of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi urging them to remember Gandhiji's teachings! Hundreds of people have lent support to the Three Monkeys Campaign.Also presenting the names of all the people who have, online, lent their support to the campaign & sent their ideas for change. - Anonymous (65 yr old, India)
Anonymous (65 yr old, India)


The fact that I just cannot stand the game of cricket has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am a girl of 19 years from India. I am a sports enthusiast, so much so that I think Nadal and Cristiano are demi gods. But apart from Sachin Tendulkar, I do not even bother to know the names of our cricketers. Here is why:

There is no action for most part of the game. I don’t know if any other sports use the term “slog over”. This very term points at the dull game cricket is. I mean if a sport consists of 300 balls and only in 60 balls you are supposed to “slog” it out, what kind of a game is that? In Tennis Nadal is on the go from the first shot. Don’t even get me started on test cricket.Enjoy the game with just a e-scorecard. Cricket is the only game i have personally witnessed people enjoying with out even watching the game. In my office, there are these guys who, whenever India is playing, are tuned to some cricket site the and enthusiastically discuss the game without even watching a single bowl being bowled. Gentleman’s game- Indeed. I think the people who coined the term were too polite to use the word “Effeminate” to correctly describe this game. This very term grandly suggests the no drama, no adrenalin sport that is cricket. And what is a sport without action? Cricket is as exciting as watching Micheal Phelps swim in the pool leisurely. Thanks god Australia too plays cricket. At least they bring in some fun. Lethargic sport. Which other sport will let you sit on the chair or stand digging your nose in one corner of the field for most parts of the game? Cricketers and Fitness just don’t go hand in hand.

No looks, no attitude. Look at footballers. They have the attitude and loads of it. And look at out cricketers. Dhoni is like a massive bull who has been decorated with colors and accessories. Sehwag is like a over blown balloon, Yuvraj Singh is! eeks! Gimme Ronaldinho any day!

No variety- No game should be so esoteric that to appreciate it you have to have pick up a book on it or maybe Google for technical details. Cricket is simply without variety to the untrained eye. The same routine repeated over and over and over again.If you do not agree with me answer these- why out of hundreds of countries do only a handful (ten or so I think) of nations play this game. Why is cricket adopting the rules of football in the Twenty Twenty? Why is cricket making itself shorter everyday??? - Anonymous

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Located in Bangalore, I am a 25 Yr. Old. Girl Well I do not have a problem with people having various and wide variety of Fetishes, But the funny part is People do not suit the right kind of Fetish for the person they are! Well I was chatting with a guy the other day, I Model to be precise (fresher) though, He looked a boy/man to me for sure! I never expected him the way he started to chat with me, It was like any other chatter on Face Book for that matter! When he started to get little personal with me, and starting getting naughty over that chat, I said let it be, lets me see where it leads too! What came to my surprise was a ugly truth about his Fetish ,despite this Fetish was more westernized in practice, It came to my realization with a shock! This guy was keen in asking me every time I chatted wit him. Did you went to the Washroom, Did you did Shit (potty) to be precise that was the (Hindi) lingo he used! Gosh! & when I said that not yet! He continued asking me will you go after the bath or before the bath and do it? Well then later as we continued over the Chat! He said I would like to lick ur ass ,and smell your hole while you just came from the loss after doing it! and enjoyed sex while you kept farting on my face! I like the very smell of it! Well and said Would like to finger your ass! and when I asked him would he mind me doing the same to him, I mean fingering his ass! He said ya sure ,you can do it! and what when his shit came out while I was fingering him! Well this for sure set me off! He said he liked the very smell of it, and wanted to lick it as well when we are making love on the bed!- This chat continued more then once! and finally I decided this was not going anywhere close to my likings! This sounded to Weird to me! and I wanted to share this with everyone! I mean we certainly have a world of several Fetishes all around! and this Kid in his teenage was not sure ,or was very much sure of what he was talking about! It was a big turn off for me for sure! I certainly had to share it! Not everyone would like to be a part of your likings of a selected Fetishes you might have, no matter how kinky or weird or smelly & gross they be! - Anonymous