Friday, February 10, 2012

Dare to Be VIRGIN


Are We Unrealistic? We set the bar high…This is a movement that one must dare to join simply because it is such a high standard which many people, including Christians, deem as unrealistic and irrational. Are we unrealistic to say that purity is possible? Attainable? To believe that masturbation is actually sin and can be overcome? To commit ourselves to not even inwardly lust ...for women? To think that God will bring a pure and godly virgin across our path? After all… masturbation is part of growing up. God gave us those feelings. And God doesn’t care who you marry.

Don’t think so.

If you are questioning the extremity and fanaticism of being a virgin, then imagine this:

Today is your wedding. The most special day of your life. You are about to marry the most wonderful woman in the world. You’ve sold your heart to her. You stand at the altar anxiously waiting for those doors to open and see your bride. Nervous. Giddy. So excited. Finally the music begins. The doors open. There she is… walking down the aisle toward, looking at you. The most beautiful woman you have even seen. Imagine that day, that bride, and ask yourself:

Which do you prefer? That she have had sex with men before you? or that she have waited to have sex with you alone?

What if she didn’t have sex… yet other men gained the pleasure of seeing her naked or close to it? Which would you prefer? That she have allowed other men to see her intimately before you? or that she have even reserved the sight of her body for you alone?

Let’s say not even that happened… but she’s kissed other men before you. Which would you prefer? that she have kissed other men before you? or to have saved her first kiss, yes all of her kisses, for you alone?\

What if she didn’t even kiss anyone… but you were given a video of the thoughts she had for other men? Which would you prefer? that she have imagined and daydreamed pervertedly about other men? or would YOU want to be the centerpiece of her thought-life as well?

You’re not asked “What has already been done (whether by you or by her)?” Simply… what would you prefer? Ask anyone, whether sinner or Christian, and you will find that every single person would honestly prefer and ultimately desire purity–to be the one, and only one, outwardly and inwardly, who experiences every form of intimacy from the person we love.

So go ahead… fornicate. Have fun. Watch porn. Masturbate. Give your heart away. But when all is said and done, you will wish that your wife had ALL of her heart to give you. So why not do what you prefer from her?

Sounds pretty realistic to me…. and something worth fighting for.

Dare to join the movement.

Dare to be a Virgin. - Anonymous