Sunday, May 20, 2012



One day finally decided I needed a much awaited Vocation, So I with a friend decided to do so! Went to the Bus Stand via Auto Rickshaw. To our Notice, it was the wrong one, So we had to take in another Auto Rickshaw to go to the other one. Double the Cost, anyways! We made it to the Bus Stand. Not after much of a search, We got one Bus, taking us to our Destination. We boarded the Bus, & made ourselves comfortable for much time, since the bus was getting boarded and in the process of ready to leave (took half an hour to 45 minutes).

Taking the name of God. & Praying God to grant us a safe Journey! Me and my Friend were off to it. Wanted to capture some moments of the whole Journey Episode, so me and my friend decided that we will click pictures of the same, starting from the bus, bus stand itself! Crossing the fingers hoping that the weather could be cloudy & rainy, other then being so all heated up!
Starting from clicking the bus stand and the surroundings where our bus was parked, The Wall that had a Slogan or two, or something etched to it. The Bus Terminal Depot, the cloudy Skyline, The webbed wire on the huge adjoining wall, the birds that were flying across in the sky, far away, It was somewhere a 5 hour Journey! So we had to make the best of it! there were some people, I could not forget & decided I would pen down a story if I had to, & definitely put it across, if not pen down, share! for definite.

Here was a bunch of Lower Middle Class, Middle Class & Upper Middle Class & few down and up!- a deck of ethnicity & creed, colour, under the same bus roof, parallel-ed on the wheels, somewhere above the earth. From ground , & then off to the ground (boarding & un-boarding themselves & there lifestyle) - It's like you cant take out your character from yourself, no matter what, how, & if ,but's you might go through.

A fat guy in black t-shirt, Two kids (in there 20's) The Tech Savy Geeks' as they had there earphones plugged into the ears in the whole journey, and they were busy with there Cell or I-Pod whole while. Not to miss a guy who was definitely lost in himself with a self Obsessed notion & motion!
At a point somewhere in between the half journey, the policemen came in for a check for the security purpose. they asked couple of people about there luggage and moved there eyes here and there, a couple of enquiries, and to our surprise, they check this fat guy, making him stand.

My friend Looking outside the window and he did talked about a whole lot of things that he saw outside the window of the running bus. while we were on our way to our destination. He told me the names, & stories behind all the familiar places known to him (like an enthusiast essay contestant or an excited child, who wanted to speak & talk about his excitement, no matter what). However in the running bus it's little hard to understand half of the things, since you are not having a mouth much closer to the ear.

The cream Biscuit packet(the ones with lesser cream, though) melted down our throat, just to have something! Then later a packet of chips, and to our realization we had forgot to carry the cold drinks, so we decided for the home made food that was made for the journey itself, along with pickles, properly foiled and packed tight!.
(nothing like it)

There was this Gentleman (aged 50 somewhere)Dad & his son(in his 25-30), behind me & a couple on the opposite row(seat) in there 40's, who had no clue why they were having the conversation with each other. I guess just to talk something, There conversation started from the time this gentleman, kept listening loud music (put on speaker), and his wife telling him why don't you put something more religious then the usual bollywood songs, for a while, until I noticed, I thought it was the music in the bus, dat driver might have put on the stereo. Well later when the bus stopped for people to have something to eat and drink and pee, I noticed, this lady coming with the cell phone , with the religious music on - loud, on the speaker again, climbing the bus, (come to my retaliation, they might have either got a new cell phone which they had never ever used before, or it was there son's phone that was gifted to them. The conversation was like, where are you from, what you do, what business are you into, whats your job profile, why did you come here, and where you stay(going back too), what's your son's job profile, whether he was married or not, does he has his own flat, do you have your own house?, the other man was busy replying to all the queries being asked, half that contradicted, what he managed to said before, and what he told again, on the continuously being asked purposely to clear all the doubts. It was no less than a conversation done for a matrimonial alliance. Later few of the seats got vacant, since much on-boarders stepped out of the bus, to there destinations! This guy kept saying to this man, please come and sit with me, but the other one gave an excuse - no i cant i have my son with me, and he needs my shoulder to sleep. whatever! It was much peace, when they finally stepped down at a location, much before our destination. & for one moment I thought, at least a hand-shake, or a bye would was well deserved between those two men.

On way back!

The Rickshaw-Wallah(Rickshaw-Puller) took us to the Bus terminal! We boarded the Bus again! Melting down in the summery heat! Were hoping for some rain, and let the sunshine go away via magic wand- miracle! Glad we were happy to see the hawkers selling water bottles, ice-creams, and various other items outside-inside the bus! You know how it is, when you are boarding or de-boarding the bus, they will come in from everywhere,- from every possible door through & through the bus, and not one, but
a series of them, one after another!

Glad! we bought the Ice-Cream, were not very glad to have it, Since it tasted awful, but felt nice, since the ice made us feel less summery! Water bottle as usual sold to us was not that chilled (as we thought) and was not at all branded, though sealed and stuff! Anyways had to, since we had avoided carrying a bottle specially, and
had taken in consideration that we would have it on our way!
And when you almost don't have anything else to do, either you would listen on to some good music, or talk, or lie down with your head back or front, resting on your arms! We had been napping in between for some time, but its not much of a comfortable rest in a bus journey! So with all the jerks and breaks, and stoppage, we would get up straight and sit, as if we were not sleepy and did not slept!(wonder what other people would be thinking ,seeing sleepy people, in odd positions and jerky heads and bodies! I never liked someone seeing me while I am sleeping, specially in such odd circumstances, places, with odd facial expressions, body language and stuff!

A Punjabi young couple or bro-sister with a kid (unsure, what they were, could not make out much) boarded the bus little later from somewhere in between. This was going to be interesting - I never knew! The girl kept on feeding him continuously with milk, water, banana, chips, and what not and it was like both of them were busy throughout the journey taking care of the little kid, Poor kid, as if he was being fed on by force, & was crying much of the time! I still remember the name of the kid, though never saw his face properly(though I tried looking back), but that's bad manner's you never knew if people would think I was eyeing the girl/guy! The girl
was a pretty broad minded and bold one, assumed from her loud pitch talks and straight forward and not to worry attitude! The guy was a cut-surd, that I could assume,from the way he was communicating and carrying himself! they also got down few locations before the destination! The last time I heard there voice was when he called someone saying we would be there in some time, have already landed!

There was nothing much to our excitement though, so we decided to have the bread & butter/jam, that we had carried along, and finished quenching down our hungry stomach with a cold drink to top it all off!

The last but not the least (definitely to be mentioned) we were never returned with the extra money that we had given to the bus conductor for the ticket! & never had the odacity of asking the change from him! (for the next time, it's a lesson, to always carry extra change, though).

It’s always with me, must be with others too, That once you witness such a destination where you had a nice time, you feel that sense where you kind of get attached to a place, and feel little sad while leaving it, and at the same time, you are excited with a relief to reach back to your home place! With thoughts of going back here again soon or later! it was like me and my friend hold lots of memories to talk to our children (if we do have them soon or later in life, or sharing it with others)!
We kept wishing that it should rain, since it was all heated-up, and it wasn't a AC Bus coach! hoping to land on to a cooler sexier relaxed weather. and to our surprise as we landed to our destination where had boarded from for the trip, we were glad to witness some showers of drizzle!
We again had to take an auto-rickshaw to come back to our home, & after much quaralleling with these guys we finally did got one! it took a little more then the actual time to reach though, since he took a different route.
There could have been a whole book on the same, I could have wrote as much I could and never stopped, but I guess I will finish it with a gist!
That's was our small Destination in-route. Glad it happened, and it was well - a memory to cherish forever, moments that added into minds and hearts, a never forgetting one!

- Anonymous,25,Male,(India)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Pink Bucket-THAT BROKE

One of the days, from general chores of life.

I happened to use my mom's Loo for shampooing my head, I lifted the bucket
& kept it on the Pot, so as to make it nearer to the basin, where I could
rinse my hair thoroughly, without much of an effort of filling the bucket
with mug  again and again, since it was much of an effort, and quite time
consuming. & Once you are all soapy, you don't want the soap to enter your
eyes, hurting you. At the same time you don't want to wet the whole area.

Very first water filled Mug went to wash my head, & then as I was about to
down my mug to fill more water from the bucket, the bucket kind of slipped
down from the pot, & 90 % of the water drained. With the leftover I
managed to wash myself. finally done with the wash, I could feel pressure
being built in my stomach(fecal incontinence) I needed to shit. Sitting on
the pot, I opened my tap, so as to fill in the bucket with water, to wash
myself after I was done. Meanwhile I was in the process of evacuating the
fecal matter, I noticed that the bucket was not being filled with the
speed it used to everyday. I adjusted the bucket, gave it a clear sight of
vision, making it sure if it was placed properly under the tap. Ok! done
with that, I still could not see much of water being filled, all I could
see was water on da ground. Constipated, holding myself up, reaching my
hand to the switch on the light, & taking out my spectacles, seeing if I
could see better without them, and cleaning it & adjusting them again, I
pulled my bucket up to check what was wrong (with a thought, that it might
have had got a leak, after a fall) I could not hold myself giggling
murmuring the Nursery Rhyme "Humpty Dumpty sat on a Pot' Humpty Dumpty had
a great Fall" Who was the Humpty & which one was the Dumpty-Still Not
decided though.
I had the two white buckets in my bath-room, from where my friend brought
one & now the White Bucket had the Pink One placed inside it. "Sad though,
that the White-Twin Bucket's had enough time together as friends, but
needed space from each other, likewise the Pink One now has a company!

As If: Pink Bucket was like a Mother, with White Bucket as it's child in
her lap, filled with water(joy & love), with the Mug on the layer(a toy in
hand of the child, being played with, while sitting on his mom's lap)

Simple yet Emotional "On the Pot" (In the Loo) Realization / Thought.

Last but not the least. In continuation with the later part of the
rhyme"All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty
together again" referring to my Mother's Pink Bucket as Humpty, which no
matter what, could not have hold the water, & had to be done away with! -
It's still kept in the washroom, & still being hugged with the White One!,
along with the Pink Mug!