Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Karma - Donkey Dad

Did you ever considered making Donkey as your father, hilarious it is, I know. Literal meaning of this proverb is: if you can't get your work done by legitimate ways, then you are obliged to consider "other" ways.

"As long as I am this or that, I am not all things." quoted Meister Eckhar, Well I not fully agree with the same, on the contrary I would understand that I need to be this and that in order to be the real me. I shall play and enact as a Monkey, a Bee, A tamer, Buffoon, A Pig & everything, everyone else in order to make things fall in place & be benefited.

Karma is a bitch! - "When what goes around comes around, the situation can be difficult to deal with or fix." It is likely a mix of having bad Karma and the idiom Payback's a bitch, where Payback is performed by someone wronged by the now punished person, but Karma just happened to the person for some seemingly righteous reason not necessarily related to a person or physical entity. The bitch part is personifying the concept Karma, which is claimed to have doled out the resulting punishment. It is a taunt aimed at a person who is supposedly asking for the situation he is in, due to his previous actions. So the person saying it, considers the one he says it to or about deserves to be punished because of something they did. For example: someone is so busy pointing and laughing at a person who had an accident, that he walks straight into a lamp post and breaks his nose. His friend who did not find the accident they saw funny, could say "Ain't Karma a bitch?"

Monkey doesn't know the taste of ginger - (That's exactly what it means. A monkey is never going to taste ginger, so he will never be able to appreciate its taste.) Those who don't know, can't appreciate. For example, the English equivalent to this saying about monkeys and ginger (monkeys and ginger would be unknown in England a while ago) is "casting pearls before swine". Throwing pearls at pigs is of no use, because they won't know that they are valuable. The implicit meaning is that someone who will never have the requirement, access or necessity for something, will never know its value. These sayings are used in a disparaging way; pigs and monkeys both are implied to be inferior to those that appreciate pearls and ginger, respectively. This is laughable human hubris.What the feelings of pigs and monkeys are about us lovers of pearls and ginger, we'll never know.

Maybe there's a pig equivalent saying that says - "Stupid humans, they'll never know the joy of rolling about in mud"

No matter how intellectual one ought or sought to be, there is always an eye opener, a little later then never' as they say! Thank God' a friend came to my rescue, who could make me understand that,I needed to pull my socks up, work on the things, that were getting delayed. To be open to open your mouth and say a yes and no on face, to carry your feelings forward and let other know what was in my mind, what I wanted and how I wanted it to work, instead of people letting me take as a granted fool. The peace shall always be there within once you are content with yourself, in reality and not that you keep on pushing chaos further blindfold and don't work on it immediately. Action & reaction - an immediate one need to be worked upon and there shall come no one who will come do that for you. Adding further to it, there as they say that at times you need to make difficult choices, though as much lame or petite they might be.

Considering & making donkey thy your father in order to get you work done - I did started to follow the same thing in action more thoroughly though I always believed and do believe in the same that a donkey can never be a father or take his place for whatever or whatsoever reason it might be considered just and apt for the time being to get things sorted and settled up-to a limit. Well interestingly a Donkeys a Donkey an he for a reason is for what he is we all know that pretty much well.

Likewise, a finger held straight cannot lift "ghee" (butter),you must turn your finger crooked). By hook or by crook, the end justify the means, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Some problems can only be solved in crooked ways.

When the Molasses is still in its melted form, a fly comes and sits on it. But before the Molasses can dry up, the fly must fly away otherwise it will get stuck in the molasses and die. The problem is, the fly, getting caught in the taste of the sweet molasses, doesn't know when to let go. It happens with us when it comes to greed or lust. We just don't know how to let go in time. Apart from the above, we get carried away in other engagements too. Arguments, worries, grudges, regrets, bitterness are the quicksand that keep dragging us without letting us know when we hit rock bottom. But we must learn how to 'let go'. There are instances when we feel "I could have avoided this if I had just withdrawn myself a wee bit earlier". That's exactly the difference between the fly that dies being stuck in the molasses and the other that tastes it but is quick enough to fly off.

Therefore in order to get across things done for benefit, you need to follow the task full attempt of these follow and work upon agendas, taking insight from the proverbs that precisely fall perfect, coming in handy to a conclusive result oriented sufficed bit, and you experience life, grow and learn from thy.

In times of need one has to bow before the buffoon, A fish and cat see water differently. Water to fish is life and death to cat. - Anonymous