Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nitty Gritty Geometrics of YOU & ME

Times have taught us, made us experience a way more of harsh realities of life, sweet moments and loosing people and things & then getting them back, & staying with them with an anticipation growing stronger of no longer having strength of letting it go again, making us more grounded and stronger. There are moments in Life, that can be looked back onto and feel god and bad about. Everything has a reason, purpose and time frame.

Remember! You will always be in my thoughts & heart, and by no means am I going to loose you, leave you and go. Cant' see my Life all by myself all alone, You are one of the best thing happened to me. & you and I shall be together no matter what! May We or May we not have seldom meetings, talks, chats, We shall be Connected. All it matter's is the Selfless Rejoice with a Sense of Security of having someone to your rescue at any time of any day , hour, anywhere, everywhere. With all the odds and evens of ones Life Span, few things never change, though need adjustments and space, and a little distance that ignites the excitement to be together, knowing that either of us have been away for a while, but always with each other! Few Geometrics and Mathematics is all one needs to be bind a Relationship into an EverLasting One, & after that too. At times we all need a little patience, gap, time, not too make it too chaosed and taking it for granted, and making loose its importance. Fewer are the people who suffice there selves with an urge of calling them your own and vice verse. Don't ever look on any of it with a Saddened phase, on the contrary try to uplift it all up, with just the fact that we are together. Remember - You are mine, and I am yours! For nothing else matters, but at the same time the nitty-gritty aspects tend to make things more strong and need to be there, else everything and everyone would be staled and loose importance, value and comfort.

We shall grow old together and get involved and evolve together see how it takes us together, and live more and beyond, with the fact rejoicing that this was a worth of a million of things that could have ever happened to us. We all deserve things and people, that understand, care & stand net to you as comforter, without no obligations, selfish tendencies, nor any expectations that just believe in asking, taking, but giving as well. 

There can be nothing yours that you would forcefully try to keep to your self, the only thing that can be yours is by means, it tries it's best to stay with you, at its on willingness or disposal, purpose, attributes & comfort. "Don't tamper, just enjoy the Hamper"- Anonymous