Sunday, July 8, 2018


I'm looking at you. As if you are an exotic landscape, full of riddles under your clothes. Answers written backwards. your body is synonym of softness. A door - an exit may be. 

Your eyes searching for nothing. But here I am. The shadows of my touch towards you. I hear words - "caresses", skin to skin - empty flesh. I listen to my voice, like a string, like a circle saying, fill me up. Let me fill you up, to make someone new. Words, - pleasure,touch me, - with 
you, its a different touch. A different color, another sound, through the skin. Concave - on my knees. Convex - touch me. Fill me up - fill my name with your body - Guide me. Take me where we can - to your 
lips of hunger. Hunger - for spreading out. Someone else-to be somebody else-to be you.  

Not being here. We are not here-my voice, saying hunger. Spread out-Spread the legs, do it. The lips speak up. Spread out your body, take me away from my body. Speak up-take you to the touch of words. 
I hear a word from my voice-Pleasure, Your voice.

This is my body. Look at it-Ask me now how much or what you should do to get it. Trick me somehow, plot something and get me. If you get to me, I can show you some new places. Some new touches, New words, the place behind the word care. Caress yourself through me. Through my touch mixed with yours. Enter me. I am the one having you now. Come on. Let go. I'll take you. Listen to the flesh-your insides open up till they darken the touch. I here the flesh sticking and rubbing. I sin with roughness, with my hand on your chest, thinking about your messy hair. I hear my voice drawing the word hole.  

Cold skin, open mouth - You, the peak of a party I cant remember. To have your name on my body,to be your body,An empty but shiny new body-Fake. I'll have your name, and we'll be like death. A hollow voice saying, Pleasure. Howl to flesh. Your eyelids spread out, the circle of your iris spin. And your deep mouth gets closer to mine. You are inside, just by looking at me. 

Come! - Anonymous


This is a recording-I hear myself saying it, Please leave a message. There's no one here. A voice in me states, I'm not here. Listen but I am not here. I am a hole listening to itself saying nothing. A mumble, A hole, A body, Me. Naked, like a saint pierced by arrows, forgotten on this empty shelf. An empty saint on a shelf on display, or in a supermarket freezer. Frozen meat going bad. Me.

Break the void to find you. Break the gap, to open up a hole where I may fit in to breathe, to break the silence, to yell, to be a howl, until I can be somebody else. A hole, in my body.A howl, that no one hears.

There's no one here. I can see myself having a big walk. I go forward, I know the echo of a voice leading me to the echo of my own voice. But there is no need to move forward, when I already lose myself without moving.

"They can destroy us & if I don't exist tomorrow, I want to be able to say at least I made it."

Solar spores float through the room. Sometimes I feel as if I was drowning. I am out of air.Not even a small shriek from my voice. Solar spores float through the room. Sometimes I feel that I have no face. New shapes of corpses, actually. Flesh meat, expensive clothes. Empty bottles and broken glass, music,at least the echo of it. I imagine myself lost amidst colourful trash, burned under tools of yesterday. Drowned amidst colourful plastic cups and then Id yell. It would break my head to save me.

My story is this apartment, this room. I don't know, I cant remember who was here.

There's no one here, my voice is here... - Anonymous

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Epic Boner

You make me more hungry, I was just about to eat chocolate cookies & drink oreo shake... reading in between those empty spaces and lines , alongside your picture, that caught my attention over this social networking site.

You don't have to be a epic boner or a traveller or a foodie to fall into a category of a learned one, what else does anyone need, I questioned thee.. Wisdom was the answer I got in reply.

Wisdom is not what people shall seek on such sites, despite libraries were built and now everyone was given a handful of knowledge easily accessible via Internet. Sadly they shall see no light, because they are more curious for the material lust. No one was ready to be benefitted being a scholar by choice or no choice. Evident it was, that everyone was here to kill time and churn into a story of a sluggish useless life. Eternal Sunshine Of a Spotless Mind. Every prayer accepted, every wish resigned. Let there be love. Let there be light. Let us all come out of sorrows of a selfish plight. Let thy soul be a dweller of knowledge and no more shall one be friends with fright.

What was I looking for came as a question to me, to which I replied,... My looking for has been often questioned with a suspicious mischief. For It was long that I dwelled for what I was on a look out for. But it's been days, weeks months,years... that I have tried adapting to thee narrow rage of selfish mimicry of thee unholy cage. Life alone shall not witness my strength and weakness for life and death, for there are many those who take refuge under my very being and that's how, I have been spoilt in negligence adapting to thee, wasting my time and energy in unworthy sorts.

'Running, trying to escape the erasing, so desperate to escape'

I wrote something, I thought it got delivered but, it vanished...the text came. It got delivered, it didn't evaporated at all in vein at all (though it was difficult to put in pieces the actual thought process of the words and grammar in right places, before I could make out what it was meant to be, sounded gibberish to me, and out of the context!)...I replied.

Lot to learn from you, keep in touch the text flashed again...We surely learn a great deal from each other certainly my friend, I texted back.

You are right.. thy which I replied... We all have our wrongful and rightful doing and saying, the correction and amendments are believed to have been there to revive the mistaken and get the righteousness done to thee for thy speaks, hears and sees only what is near and often neglects and is blinded to thee distanced forgotten unknowingly in disbelief to thy unheard and unknown.

I could kiss you right now, I texted, and a muawh is reciprocated in return...

Followed by a hug from both ends virtually.

'Every single line is like a dream, like a little wisp of pink cloud that is floating by and you want to hang on to every word that is being said'

After a gap, the conversation seem to have had ended there with a Bye, but since I could see thee online, I managed to rush down to a little lesser intellect, on a personal note, distracting thee...texting...Are you horny right now! ... with a raucous laughter.

and the conversation died there and then, there was no response. As if everything blew away in the wind, and vanished. Not sure if at all, it shall conclude further or just pass by. - Anonymous

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Shadows

Ah! be gracious, tenderly relenting, Take not back thy gifts with churlish hand; Let the breath of thy serene consenting, Falter through the weary land.

Anywhere or everywhere around-surround, I find no beauty to rejoice to, thee compels me no more, for my soul is my only companion, that travels with me, it finds content staying peaceful or sobbed and soaked wherever I be. It does not gets tamed or lured to any more beyond my skin. He would have loved to get a tan though, but he is afraid to get out in the sun. He loves the moonlight terraces but scared to death in lonesome fear he denies to exit from his comfort zone. Like a toddler he is afraid of shadows at night too. He might just be too afraid, fearing his own shadow.

Despite he happily peeps from thy window, to the world of alive and dead. but more often hides inside confiding to its habituated par excellence of existence. His very own existence. He is afraid of my shadow, he think it's gona eat him if he steps out. Seen that, done that, it seeks no more, for I carry him wherever I go.

You're afraid of your own shadow And I won't let you walk in mine. There's a light somewhere inside you
But you will not let it shine...I told you as your lover I told you as a friend. All I can do is show you now. The only way I can. We've come this far and we'll go no farther.

Well every now and then the brain is poisoned and the heart is drenched and soaked in piles of this that bit & shit. With its own smiles & miseries, Life stays quite and is grounded still, soon headed to go more miles pretending to ditch.

My shadow is red It´s different from yours, I´m here today
hidden in the dark...The light brings the shadow of which I must run. There's this vicious cycle of moon & the sun.
I so wish , he was not afraid & fear no more, and rise & shine in its own love galore - Anonymous


Surrendering without any apprehensions to thy is one of the most vital aspect of a fulfilling calmness that in return lures you more to thee inner core, pacifying your urges and leaving you craving for more.

The reluctance whatsoever diminishes into nothingness of sorts. There is absolutely nothing at all that matters then and its one of the comfortable amalgamation that thy witnesses and finds joy and peace in all the doing.

The greater good that is cherished through and through with love and light, uplifting you on a positive note, erasing all the negates whatsoever between those thick and thin philosophical realms of a turbulent life at stake, letting one forget and rejoice to the core, witnessing this beautiful union of emotional mental and physical upfront harmony in alliance.

Sober and serene in its wildest of desirous dreams that might just be a length away.

The knowing gets easier, the forgetfulness takes diversions. Chances in approach lead to a more satisfying agreement of sorts and There you stand being surrounded, willing to shed the peculiarities of past present and future, going with the flow learning in the process, getting involved and evolved.

Conditional wall collapses and gets submerged deep down, that's how unconditional comes in. There lies no place for a verbal combat, the actions speak louder then words and everything seem to be said and done with, in this passage of time.

"I surrender to thee who surrender to me" - Anonymous

Friends with Benefits II

Embarking on to a journey that just started, struggling to find the more we dwelled. if at all, it might last or be an end to soon. It took us with a surprise without a benefit of doubt, certain we were going to have a good time together. Paralyzing our hormones into a stand still of if and buts of abruptly sufficing to things in limits.
Everyone has there own sets of expectations, conditions, urges & a task-full attempt to get lured, not necessarily pretty.
We are choosers, our own masters - reluctantly or wishfully adapting to the agreeable or denied and hence we for our own good or worse let it hung in between, based on our past experiences and future outcomes perceptibly peculiar & uncertain, possibly unseen to this situation we got our selves involved into. These self inflicting conscious mindset shades of grey, risen from a convincingly comfortable agreement that we came in reunion with.
We gave eachother hints, but most of it was still piled under our skin. I tried making these moves with minimum effort to convince you and make you feel easy, adapting to the limitless boundaries, yet not forcing anything on to you, or make it look or sound like too pushy. My emotional strings in aspiring tendency to not let go off the thoughts that were running deep down, wanting to unleash the person I was inside, wanting to pour out my interpreted dialogues to you when I was beside you. (a complete stranger). You too felt the same deep inside but hesitant not to break the self raised and committed promise to self, that seem liked, was on the very edge of getting broken unlikely.
The demarcated wall between us,, still confessing to have been eager to make it invisible and rejoice, carrying ourselves to this caught up act, being pushed forward by our hidden secretive desire to mingle in a strange way. Struggling to pour from both ends and spilled, getting us drenched to this pleasure-some harmony of flesh and soul, we stopped unsure of how the other person felt, couldn't mess it up and had to play it safe.
We have often, now & then find reasons to console, ourselves with & relate when it comes to letting go of our unacceptable self centered wit. We play blindfolded to this existence of greed deep inside us, knowingly not to have possibly had agreed upon to.
The world - "every other person was a stranger, yet everyone desired in the same fashion, existed with the same relevance of benefiting and not letting it go". - Anonymous

Friends with Benefits I

Holding hands that warmed up our hormones to a world-full of ecstasy. That kiss on your neck, the other on your waist, cusping your breasts with my hands while you turned your back to me,while we laid on the bed. Trying to reach out to your earlobes to bite them and suck them upon, while making an attempt to turn you over to smooch, and your hands sliding down my pants to pamper my assets. I turned over your back massaging your back and shoulders, keeping you un-stripped yet my hands under your clothes and above trying to show you,I cared. I wanted you to find comfort with me and confide to me wholeheartedly. As much I was willing to give you all of myself, I wanted you to give me all of you.
Why would we possibly restrict ourselves, not to entangle those set of lips, into a beautiful alliance of love making, the breathless heartbeat skipping its beats, while we touched each-other and our bodies ran over and rubbed each-others.
So close, yet miles apart. Why was the only thing between our legs, to be summed up and concluded as a task-full endurance to this end result oriented episode, why couldn't we blissfully into a soulful serene order with no limits could act sanely and madly in love. Of no wrongful that the heart and body desired, loosing ourselves in a comfort of forgetting the world and reaching deep, losing ourselves to a limitless boundaries of passionate romance. letting the mind, for once be a holy cave ,that could showeth love and light.
"I could even lay down there like a dead meat, till you were finished with your attempts of sexual gratification of all sorts and so could you while I was finished with mine".
I ain’t no alien to, how this world works!, but still I hope and hope to perceive, there might be a soul, that could very much prove me right in believing, that there existed something called love, and it certainly not had to be just a blowjob or a fuck to suffice thee. I ain’t no saint or evil either, trying to cast spells over you, with an desperate attempts to bring you to my bed, but I only want to make you understand, what was love, and how truly it was meant to work righteously to its perfection.
There's this picnic, have fun!, enjoy right now, it does not matter how you get involved or even take this in the near future, and make it work for both of us. Rejoice to this very moment - that's all it matters as of now.
The hug that we had, when you left, Left me in questions. A kiss due, still. - Anonymous