Monday, February 9, 2015

A Rescue - Friend in Arms

I met few of my friends, after a real long time, a kind of a Re-Union! One of my friend, SchoolMate, Later decided to meet up and hang out for some time at my place.

As I stood, waiting for my friends to come and accompany me. with my mom & driver in the car. There was something not right, and mom insisted they ain't coming. I ran out of the car to check what took them so long.

I was surprised to see a friend, confronting him completely naked, on the floor outside of the wash room. I turned his face to see who it was, and noticed blood on his lips, lying there completely without anything on, crying in pain. I had nothing to ask or say. I peeped through the keyhole to figure out anything that I could about other two of the folks that he accompanied, I saw one of the other friend lying on the ground in the same position, and the other one trying to reach out to the door. (wondering why were they all absolutely naked, what led to a fight that turned out to this). (Never came to my realization on to , what and how to proceed, I carried my friend on my shoulders hugging him, in emotional agony, and running towards the car. (Never for once it came to my attention, how and what would be the reaction and proceeds of all of this later. What would mom say, what would happen of the other two friends, Later maybe should I or not intimate someone, to look into the matter and check them out. All I was bothered at that time, to rescue my friend back as soon as I could, and know the whole story and see what could be done.

This is all I remember, and surprisingly I have been trying to locate him from real long on every possible social networking sites, trying to get in touch with him, and ask if all was right, but of to no avail there was no luck. (he was one of my best friends in School days, I even don't remember what class it was we were together in, nursery, prep, kg, or Class 1,2,3. But yes this was a real long time.& seeing his face after real long made me realize, there was a connection somewhere, which was telling me something.

Ever wondered - why weird dreams came? They came because somewhere something .was in your not so patient being, soul was disturbed, and a thoughtful series of all that was past, present and future came to haunt you, guide you, warn you. Interestingly the same old car, that I once had, and was not there now, and Mom being there, interestingly it was a piece of fragmented dream that shall not pass by so easy, hope it gets concluded further and see a lead on to something fruitful.

Sad and disappointment, with the thought of why on the earth did this dream came, I wanted to put it across. Sure It would haunt me for much long, because this was more of a emotional thing that shook me up and woke me up out of a dream.  - Anonymous