Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hell - Frog Of Well

I am  deathly afraid of almost's. Of coming so very close to where I want to be in life that I can almost taste it, almost touch it, then falling just a little short.“

a patient who had a cardiac arrest, throughout the attempted resuscitation, the patient faded in and out. Each time the doctor interrupted the heart massage, the patient appeared to die again. When the man came to, he screamed, "I am in hell!" A look of sheer terror clouded his face. "Don't stop!" he begged. "Don't you understand? I am in hell. Each time you quit I go back to hell! Don't let me go back to hell!"

I often wonder what people will say about me when I'm dead. Will they remember me as a frog?

We have matches for hands, and a paper heart. Gasoline will drip from our mouths and we will call that holy. We will burn at the stake and pollute the sky with smoke and selfishness and we will say it was in the name of a crooked life. We will burn our own bodies to the ground and we will call that sacrifice. We will tear ourselves open like there’s something left inside. - Nobody ever taught us how to live.

They call me a frog of the well. Well if it suits them, it suits me too. Now I wonder often, what shall thee call themselves' a turtle or a fish? Smart Eh!?, they think they are. Sad it is, yet so true, befooled jerks of the first order they are the ones, penetrating & poking into everyone else's life.

As the proverb states' The frog is too narrow minded to believe that there may be a bigger picture than what he sees and thinks. He always shows off his geographical knowledge in front of others, yet he is simply an ignorant frog of the bottom of the well. I guess I'll advise him to stop glancing at the sky from the bottom of the well.

I would rather be a frog of the well, yet so profound and experienced to thy wit full act of thing called life, living minimalist, yet no cribbing for the unreachable disguises of thee delirious & befooled insanity. I am better, staying in the well, off & away from the rest of the hell around out of thy well you see! I am glad & happy to have had found my peace in thy world built within thee. I am safe here! I might get killed, if I move out of thee. There's a cruel world out there, everyone steps on and off' now and then, I can smell there aggressiveness and I can hear them coming and going, often, calming down my heartbeat that gets faster and faster, every time, there is this fear of someone wanting to pull me off and away, throw me off, thy distant foreign place. for I shall live, and I shall die, but nowhere else then this well, that I acquire. - I am the king on my well, & they want to compete with me, and strangle me to nothingness of nowhere.  

I might hump, jump go in circles on a roller coaster ride in my well-circumference'd diametrical pace, my place, my life, my rules, my shit' why do they have to go around the bushes to hunt down my well and curse me humping with there sick ideological psychotics , are they on drug' Eh narcotics? My living or my death shall definitely have something to do with them, that's the reason they ponder and creep along every now and then unsettled and unpoised, unconditional & psychotic.
It's kind of funny when I laughed at the shot (video on youtube) where the women jumps and her breasts go everywhere. but its sad as well because I feel like we don't accept nature and how things like how it is but try to hide it when its actually normal.

If You don't know me by now, You will never, never, never know me. No you won't. Eh ! - hums the frog.

Feed off of the hive, But when the people get ready to lay down and die, It's a good day to hide. - Anonymous