Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Invade & Evade

The More I came close to Love, The more I was sufficed, without Sex, & I did not even wanted it, The more I was a Loner, The more I craved for Sex, and the more desperate and frustrated I stood all by myself, reaching out to anything and everything that could fill me up; with whatsoever I could get by hook or crook. The more I learned what Love had to give, the more my curiosity in Sex lessen, & I realized there was much more then just tempting exciting infatuations and longing for someone to feed me up with all that I desired and wanted for that some few minutes. The more, relationship friendly I became with the other person that wanted the same thing, likewise, It made it all worked up real nice and easy, & spread like fire, & made ways to the closeness, comfort & effortless adjustments, and at ease knowing, understanding and looking forward to more of it, as it grew.
The more it came as a realization that my heat & soul was so much in content & peace to be filled by love & that so tagged in relationship, that I could trust with a blindfold, I had this Smile on my face, & I had nothing more to crave for. Just holding on to much of the love from this relationship, that kept me heart & soul warm and sufficed my inner fear with a hope of never ending and never misleading and never annoying , distanced longing for someone, that would always be in the heart &, I would be there remembered always too, I was a cupid that was love struck (little angle full of love) - Once I realized as much love I gave, I got much back, & where I got it back, I knew was the righteous decision to give more back - unconditionally selflessly. It takes two people from wither side to maintain and grow that spark & so called live in relationship that does wonders ad foresees nothing more, evading all the negatives, and invading all the positives wholesomely.

(If all of us always & forever knew how to keep it safe & locked, treasured & cherished, there would be no fear, whatsoever, in an ignorant way, and let thy intellect take it all over, & play it cool) - Anonymous