Friday, December 26, 2014

Obnoxiously Yours

He stood there holding his white pyjamas and watching over his ordure on them.

We were surrounded by a large number of people gathered together in a disorganized or unruly way at our place. & there I stood amidst of the unrecognizable faces. I had no time to figure out anything about the comings and goings of anyone else, since It was only him that I was bothered (rub up the wrong way).

He stood there, troubled, uneasy, troubled, perturbed & disturbed, & in fractions of time, he started running, fleeing out of the boundaries in a jiffy. There was no one doing nothing. I could not have waited and watched. I started to follow him.

He Ran and Ran, while I shouted his name loud. Noticing I was running after him. looking back noticing me following him. he made faster moves. There was something that was troubling him, and he wanted me out of the reach of the troubles that were hampering me, with his indulgence being a part of the whole scenario, that were initiated because of him being a targeted reason. He went out of sight, until I saw him going down to this place. I stood there on the gate with guards that guarded this particular area, asking them to help me out, telling him the state,misery and situation that was a little more complex, asking for there help,and making things clearer, with all the less time we had in explaining and understanding and finding him out.

All I wanted to ask was what was it, and wanted to speak and console him. He was and still a part of my family, & I only have him left.

A dream that all the more I wanted did concluded did ended in midway with a phone call.

I am still waiting to get a clear picture and answers, eventually in due course, by and by, in time, in the long run, in the fullness of time, at some point in the future, one day, one of these fine days, some day, sometime, in time to come, sooner or later, when all is said and done. - Anonymous

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