Thursday, July 2, 2015

Utterly, Buttery & Delicious

Live a balanced life. Learn some and think some, and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. - Robert Fulghum

Scratching my butt's in between just anything to everything, makes me feel so prehistoric. Despite a well shampooed bath, and soap at every inch of my flesh recently, this summer seems to have made me behave like one itchy-chimpanzee.

"Its been a quadrennium & more buckets of water give me much peace, for as little it might be, adding to my essential survival remedy. Believe me I ain't a xerophyte. I need water too."

Weird times, you fall in a sleep, and by the time you get up, you have to think about what to eat and drink, attending to the left over chores of a day to day walks of life. and at the end you are so tired, doing noting. that you fall a prey to this viscous circle of yawns and a nocturnal lifestyle.

Well I decided to write this, with no good sleep coming to my avail, in a fully drizzling water cooler air conditioned state, rescuing my itchiness,with bare butt exposed to it, finding peace to my thoughtfulness with a clear,sober mental and physical state of lying down on the bed, listening to these fine instrumental classics & typing. I was somewhere in between these two fascinated ones. the left side of me, enjoyed the music. and the right side of enjoyed the blowing winds, water drops that have almost dried, that drizzled though and part of my flesh was in a state of warm & cold tempera, that made me shift myself upside down in between, taking breaks. gulping down to these delicious, few pieces of musk melon & papaya, that are kept in a bowl,next to me.

This next door neighbor, who I have know for pretty long, there were those childhood days when we used to interact much and did some art together. Seeing her lately again after a long time on the road, strolling by, with her petted four leg breed. Besides her, there have been several four leggers, who often pass by, and surround me with there two legged breeders. It was nice to ,hear, what's up from her, but then the conversation was as little as ,nothing much,you say, going on. and there it ended, before it even started.Thankfully somebody notice, that I still existed. I decided to catch hold of her next time, asking to share numbers, and connecting on the social networking means. But to no avail, could I see her lately, and today again, I saw her, but by the time, was busy dressing up a little more sober, clean and smart, by the time I came out, she had already vanished. I guess I need to be a little more handy next time. She looked young and beautiful then before, in a boy cut hairdo, I remember she had a pony before.Though in the darkness of this late evening, there was not much that I could perceive out, but as little as I did, there often were times, when you felt talking to this opposite sex. Maybe you could get a little worthy of a better conversation. & please don't mistake me for being a Don Juan.

Often I am in a state of too down to earth, dressed in petite state of the untidy,loose, body hair baring ones, clothes, that one could possibly avoid me. I tell you, this heat has been doing no good to me. As much ,I do pretend, wearing clothes, deep down inside me, I say to my self, remove them all. Now here is a Secret - I don't wear nothing, at all, when I am In. so I need to get up find clothes,dress up, and come to a sober state, when I need to come out of the box. Sometimes I am over piled then just one, & that are the times, when I try to fit in those over crowded, tight, ill-fitting clothes, that just look good on you, and make you look sober & mature. Why not. could we just no longer be kids, dressed in diapers, or nothing at all, all day long and had no worries and botheration at all.

To be capable of embarrassment is the beginning of moral consciousness. Honor grows from qualms. We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don't care for.

Well lately, I have come down to a conclusion of walking and running away from this and that to a place away, where I shall no more fall into petite overrated bitter, hollow conversations,
that lack awakening characteristics and only cause lazy shuffle to the mental state of physical intolerance and jeopardize this state of pink health into a rotten one. There is so much that a little mind, often considered as the heaviest weighing part of the human bony structure.I feel disappointed with the people I have been doing face to face these days,there seems to be this peculiar state of no content, smuggled self centered, disoriented, vein and physic hysteria, that follows, and no matter how intellectual a dialogue could be brought into a conversation, there are only the remains of the ill odds that are there to chant & discuss, and Its like that viscous cycle of no talks, but never ending task of insane repenting over, dragging issues, merely pointless. the virtue of sanity degrades to a level of this hollowness, that find no path to lead to anymore on a positive note.I cant simply latch myself up all day long in a closeted walls and roof of my own boxed Pandora and meditate.too much of meditating would make me an old & dull cenobite. I could simple avoid the unnecessary hassle which followed me, or maybe I was the one following it for too long, and bumped into such buttering cheesy annotations over a conversation that was vague, and never existed to the core. I guess i need to hide up, myself a little, and try not to bump into odds of such conversations and faces, that are a such a negate chaos of utter nuisance.

I am so happy that dogs don't talk at all. they just make noises. & so the birds. and cats, and so on. so what if they ever started a conversation, we could never understand it, so it makes no difference at all, to no matter, what we could presume and assume, if they ever said, or understood to, what we say to them.

"When old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart"

I would rather sit and talk to myself, and let me hear me. See myself and let me see me.I need to hear no more, see no more, speak no more.specially the ill. I shall praxis thy and abjure by. if now that makes me a cogent Gandhian Monkey, Let it be. I would rather be this breed then anything else. I need salivated peace.

Meanwhile, in between the break, went out on the outer skirts,to fag,looking at the clouded sky, and a full moon night,- the moon- - more beautiful, little winds. Looking at it, I almost possibly forgot a lot of that I had.

In belief, it was a step in the right direction that would eventually lead to abolishment of the ugsome deeds befalling all of them & behoove me on a longer run.

- Anonymous

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