Saturday, June 11, 2016

Show Me The Money

"They say' money attracts money! well I wonder how wondrous torture it could be".

If only, I wish, that money could buy, money! for anything else is just illusion, and there is absolutely nothing you could hold on to, if you don't have money in your guts, to impress thee.

I have found ways to do miracles with it, but seldom found it to attract envious rivalry, bellyache bitches and dismal aftereffect.

Its been a while , years actually, I have been passed, from one hand to other, assuming it to be one kind of a barter deal, lending to another(they are so alike, you cant make a difference), shelling out more pesos, tossed here and there, with a faith that something shall come to a better end, but as they say" tomorrow is never promised", I still have to promise my faith to the fore front and latch it up and safeguard, if I could.

"This fugitive, miscreant felon has fled from my pockets & I am still trying to revive thee".

Why do we have to be friends with such transitional souls, in this existence of cycle of life, why we have to prove them or us righteous and wrong and compete? Why we have to be rebellious or calm, and yet ,let the world turn absolute disaster. Why we have to walk our way to such coextending utter absurdity when we could chose our own path, why we have to seldom chose wrong directions to the righteous routes, Why do we have to be friends with everything and anything else, that was inconsequential, and was a mere predilection that was just not there, never existed.

I have seen quite a handful lot who will do anything and everything for it. The filthy rich pretend to be poor, and as lame as they sound, there lifestyle could be of rich and famous, but there hearts are as petite and low as nothing. Few wretched blockheads who pretend to be an intellectual lot, often play games, fooling everyone around. These are the ones who wear mask impersonating to be who they are not.

Sad but true we run into people who we bump into and have no way out. We only can pretend that it was the wiser and easier way to deal with the situation when we personate. Lame as it gets, and deranged as it inundates you in and out. This grandiose, deceitful appearance, in the most promising fraudulent ,deep-seated-ness preoccupies more and more, dwells deeper and deeper, in and around, until it settles down in layers, stockpiled on to your very own being, and no matter how hard you struggle to skirmish a combat with and let it go, it leaves its footprints. Its an influence that corrupts your piousness.

This long list of swindler misanthropists that follows you, might turn you down any now and then, they shall wheedle you & grind there own axe"

May your adherence and fidelity to thee wherewithal strengthen in earnestness. - Anonymous

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