Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The fact that I just cannot stand the game of cricket has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am a girl of 19 years from India. I am a sports enthusiast, so much so that I think Nadal and Cristiano are demi gods. But apart from Sachin Tendulkar, I do not even bother to know the names of our cricketers. Here is why:

There is no action for most part of the game. I don’t know if any other sports use the term “slog over”. This very term points at the dull game cricket is. I mean if a sport consists of 300 balls and only in 60 balls you are supposed to “slog” it out, what kind of a game is that? In Tennis Nadal is on the go from the first shot. Don’t even get me started on test cricket.Enjoy the game with just a e-scorecard. Cricket is the only game i have personally witnessed people enjoying with out even watching the game. In my office, there are these guys who, whenever India is playing, are tuned to some cricket site the and enthusiastically discuss the game without even watching a single bowl being bowled. Gentleman’s game- Indeed. I think the people who coined the term were too polite to use the word “Effeminate” to correctly describe this game. This very term grandly suggests the no drama, no adrenalin sport that is cricket. And what is a sport without action? Cricket is as exciting as watching Micheal Phelps swim in the pool leisurely. Thanks god Australia too plays cricket. At least they bring in some fun. Lethargic sport. Which other sport will let you sit on the chair or stand digging your nose in one corner of the field for most parts of the game? Cricketers and Fitness just don’t go hand in hand.

No looks, no attitude. Look at footballers. They have the attitude and loads of it. And look at out cricketers. Dhoni is like a massive bull who has been decorated with colors and accessories. Sehwag is like a over blown balloon, Yuvraj Singh is! eeks! Gimme Ronaldinho any day!

No variety- No game should be so esoteric that to appreciate it you have to have pick up a book on it or maybe Google for technical details. Cricket is simply without variety to the untrained eye. The same routine repeated over and over and over again.If you do not agree with me answer these- why out of hundreds of countries do only a handful (ten or so I think) of nations play this game. Why is cricket adopting the rules of football in the Twenty Twenty? Why is cricket making itself shorter everyday??? - Anonymous

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