Sunday, April 24, 2011


Located in Bangalore, I am a 25 Yr. Old. Girl Well I do not have a problem with people having various and wide variety of Fetishes, But the funny part is People do not suit the right kind of Fetish for the person they are! Well I was chatting with a guy the other day, I Model to be precise (fresher) though, He looked a boy/man to me for sure! I never expected him the way he started to chat with me, It was like any other chatter on Face Book for that matter! When he started to get little personal with me, and starting getting naughty over that chat, I said let it be, lets me see where it leads too! What came to my surprise was a ugly truth about his Fetish ,despite this Fetish was more westernized in practice, It came to my realization with a shock! This guy was keen in asking me every time I chatted wit him. Did you went to the Washroom, Did you did Shit (potty) to be precise that was the (Hindi) lingo he used! Gosh! & when I said that not yet! He continued asking me will you go after the bath or before the bath and do it? Well then later as we continued over the Chat! He said I would like to lick ur ass ,and smell your hole while you just came from the loss after doing it! and enjoyed sex while you kept farting on my face! I like the very smell of it! Well and said Would like to finger your ass! and when I asked him would he mind me doing the same to him, I mean fingering his ass! He said ya sure ,you can do it! and what when his shit came out while I was fingering him! Well this for sure set me off! He said he liked the very smell of it, and wanted to lick it as well when we are making love on the bed!- This chat continued more then once! and finally I decided this was not going anywhere close to my likings! This sounded to Weird to me! and I wanted to share this with everyone! I mean we certainly have a world of several Fetishes all around! and this Kid in his teenage was not sure ,or was very much sure of what he was talking about! It was a big turn off for me for sure! I certainly had to share it! Not everyone would like to be a part of your likings of a selected Fetishes you might have, no matter how kinky or weird or smelly & gross they be! - Anonymous

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