Thursday, March 31, 2011


Located in Kolkatta, I am a 25 Yr. Old. Guy I never had sex with a Women until now! Well I am not very sure if I am interested in Girls much or not, I mean yea I had it with same gender though! Well I would not mind having stuff with a girl though! I happen to have some fun precisely cant mention what all with a Girl, almost same age (5 years younger to me). But yeah the sex never happened as precisely it was meant to be, other than the orals and stuff. So I am worried if I could do the anal part pretty well or not! It does not troubles me if I would be a good sex partner or not, I am not even in a mood to have a same sex marriage or any sort done! Its like I am not Gay, maybe a bisexual or curious enough! But would not miss a chance to do it with a girl certainly! - Anonymous

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