Thursday, March 31, 2011


Located in Bangalore, I am a 70 Yr. Old. in Hyderabad I lead a very happy life (though not happy) but yes with all the content! U might understand how it is coping up with 2 different lifestyles, That's like every other house's story, mixing up and maintaining up with the in-law's and stuff,. Well they have no complaints,I did everything I could with patience and wisely! I was from Mumbai, and after Marriage had to settle in Hyderabad with my husband! A Engineer by Profession and me a house wife! He died some years back,& we have a child (now grown enough, in the age of getting marriage)! The issue is life does not work that good after your partner leaves you and you are all alone by yourself! trying to adjust with the society, whole politics, and drama.Despite all the odds, my husband left me and child enough to cherish all our lives! Still it's not the same being single, raising a Man alone and taking lot of decisions under several society pressures and keeping up with all the nuances of ill and even odds of life. You cant take a decision because we live in a society where when you are single, the taboo hits you from everywhere! Life is still going on, I am in my ill health at times and growing old, worried about how my son is going to cope up with the world! and the society and lif ahead, work wise and socially ,when he gets into marriage and other social norms and obligations! Well it worry's me thinking what if I am gone, what will happen next with him! how will he cope up being the only single child without no siblings and not still married! God give me strength and patience to work things out pretty soon! - Anonymous

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