Thursday, March 31, 2011


Located in Mumbai, I am a 38 Yr. Old Media Person, belong to this Fashion/Glamour Industry! Well was kind of Emotionally MISS-USED by someone who wanted to climb up the ladder of success climbing it all through my shoulders! I was agitated, perturbed, and have lost all the faith on anyone now! I could smell it before, but thought maybe the person wanted me emotionally and cared for me as a family and this relationship would be a long lasting one! What I realized in course of time was, I was the one being a prey to (the new gen scenario - of use and throw), & had no idea in the starting that I was being emotionally ,mentally & physically being utilized! Thank God I did not invested much of my emotions and time and stuff in this person, else would have got a heck of a shit! Why we need someone these days, whom you want to climb up through - using them, making them a part of ones utility for achievement ! a stepping stone, a stepping ladder to climb on to wit all the emotional atyachaar(turmoil)! Very Weird ,blunt and the funny, but sad part is that the Generation now a days think this one to be the easiest way out ,to sleep and get done with it, either way. Emotionally or Physically, making sum one Emotionally engrossed, letting sum one fall for you & you easily becoming a prey to ones selfish motives! Sometime back I heard how a Model used a Journalist in the same way! The same incident of MISS-USE thingi has happened with me twice! and others just came and went, because I judged and intuted them before, and strongly got over with them! - Anonymous

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