Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am a 22 Yr. Old Boy from Delhi,India, originally not from Delhi though, but now have shifted my base in here along with my parents! - The thing that I want to share is that I am GAY (that's what I would call myself, as of now, since I am more curious towards guys and less curious or not at all curious when it comes to girls!). My sibling has a hint about it that I might be curious and inclined towards the same sex, since I've told about it to ma sibling! But i have no idea on how to take it further! I mean as of now I know I am not going to get married to a girl, & since I am in a age right now, would be more or less concerned about studies and exams, rather on matrimonial accomplishments!. At times I do wonder (what if I had not been gay), and at times I feel good being one! Well have come across all odd and even amount of people in a little span of some months over the internet on social networking websites! Met a few people, not much explored Sex thought but still in the process of it! Well It's weird at times when I come across too mature guyz, and at times, when I get across same age guyz! All I feel is what would be the reaction of my parents when they come to know about it! and how would theykind of react on the whole issue. Well I know my sibling is there to support me and talk to them about it. But to an extent? right! From there ,that point ,I need to figure out my life and social norms, and traditional concerns and values & stuff! Well right now I guess would not want all these things to bother me, and Would rather let it go as it is! and see where life takes me, and how it takes me! welcomes me!, I feel much relieved, sigh! - Anonymous

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