Saturday, April 30, 2011

A STRANGER I met Virtually

There was a Stranger (A person from Dehradun who often used to visit Delhi, Though we have not know each other for much time thorough the Facebook! It was recent though that we started much of Commenting on each other's Statuses. This guy I met on FB and never met in real face to face though. We talked a couple of times very less though. It all started as a add professionally! Well it was because of some reason that we kind of became family! We discussed about each other's life in general and work etc.And often did 3rd person was the topic of discussion! This person called me something that is so out of the world, do not want to mention it here though!. But it was one of the worlds best thing someone could ever call you! I lost him finally! Why do these misunderstanding and lack of communication cause such things to happen! We were actually discussing about the 3rd person and I told listen I would not appreciate you forcing me do things I would not want to, swearing me on you for the 3rd person and all! & I got a revert ok will never sms you and disturb you. I made all of my points clear of sorting it all out! but there was no response from the other side in a way I could feel anything could be back to normal! I messaged and tried my effort to be in touch again! because ,it was just a stupid thing over the sms message that just took it all in a very different track! Are words like relationships, care, love, friendship,brother are so unreal and so fake, and so easy to forget and loose! I cried after that and I could not help just putting it down in here! I do not even get Good Night messages that I used too, Once you start getting addicted to someone or something you just start to miss it when not there! - Anonymous (34 yr, old Male, Delhi,India)

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