Saturday, April 30, 2011

FACEBOOK in Virtuelle Träume

This is not done! Surprisingly I am online on the Net, and on Facebook most of the time! Addicted to it I guess, nothing better to do! The funny part is ,when I sleep at odd or even times! I keep commenting, hitting the likes and adding friends on Facebook in my dreams too from one id to another! Should I call this Virtual Dreams(Virtuelle Träume)! To my surprise it makes me wonder how addicted I might be to a thing that could not leave me in my dreams too! It's quite hilarious that I am on FB for all that while, and I am not anywhere else' I mean namely Twitter, Messenger,or anywhere else, & I am only on FB, Hitting & Clicking the Tabs on FB! I guess I soon need to great my Dream Analysis done, and join a 'Dream Analysis' (Traume Analyse) page on FB. I am sure I do not need a Psychiatrist! (& I specially went on Google to search the correct spelling of Psychiatrist) Half of the time I get up and start thinking in the middle of the Sleep, was I online in Real or was it again a dream!& the next time when I get up on the net in Real I do check in whether all that happened in my dreams happened in for real or not! Not fair at all! - Anonymous (27 yr, Male, Germany)

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