Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I tell you! It's a Experience and remember when you visit a place called HOSPITAL, and when you start adding humor and practicality to ones emotional surrounding and what's troubling you inside Hospital is one such place likewise many where you shall find a lot more similar cases like you trying to live life, with smiles on there faces, with screams of pain and to one's to It's like you feel easy pouring your distress, pain, comfort happiness and confront a lot of similar less privileged human souls on this planet, similar to you, totally opposite and some ,very few still fighting it back. still trying to recover from there lifeless living, some trying to adjust,compensate, compliment and substitute!

I went to this hospital early morning around 9;30 am, and was back by 1;30. But what I went through in this time gap was precious and I could not help myself sharing it on FB! It took me all those hours to confront a great deal of misery around me,yet happiness somewhere of some sort within me!

With the music on my cellphone, earphones to my ear!, and in between checking my FB updates,SMS's & taking calls! I at once also activated a fake call on my cell, to get the attention I wanted! I was not far from the world that was with me, within my reach! I cried, I smiled,I listened to ever conversation my ears could catch, I made faces because of all the stuff that was deep inside me and the stuff which was going around me I could not have had controlled a little impractical and emotionally perturbed me! It was like my whole life just blinked through my eye lid, from everything to everyone, people, places, things etc.!

Meanwhile the people around me, on wheel chair's and on the stretcher's! Some sitting as a attendant with there family! Eyes watching me too,& noticing my eyes wondered there moves too! Interestingly at times you want to talk to a very few people when you are at such places, and you certainly find someone or the other who would want to develop a conversation with you talking about any damn thing!

There was a new married couple wit a pink cloth bag with utilities n stuff in it,I did not peeped into it since it was far, else would have notice what all it had, lol, jokes apart! en-quiring about the CT Scan, half of them standing and half of them seated! a guy in his rolled denim Capri's and a t shirt, with a cell in hand' with his dad, sitting impatiently though but not showing it! His dad said I wanted to lie down on these chairs & he said you would not be in a position to rest on them or lie down, but father insisted and he made him lie down. I could see a stick that his dad carried along with him and a green color plastic bag which had stuff! he kept asking his son, when are they going to call me for the treatment, and he said will take some one and a half hour more, since they were since in the Que & before there number could come there we 2 more patients on the roll! He kept on asking his son about the same in between! Then this new married couple started to converse with this guy, & later when the person I was with who I had come along to get checked and stuff, kept asking how much time, when and for what are you here, whats the procedure and time period & all that. The guy (married couple) kept asking time to time, are you going for the check up now, do did they inserted the injection and medicine and all, did the check -up went well, till the time it happened! his wife seems to be a quite affectionate and sweet likewise himself! well those two got the son who came with his father who was lying on the chair relaxing to converse and talk about there stories and experience discussing about medicines and treatment and illness of all sorts!

They laid an old lady on the stretcher with two of his family people with her, she kept telling them I am having pain in my foot.and the guy got up and massaged it for her. then later she wanted to get up for a while and she was addressed by the other person.

One more lady(teenager) came on a wheelchair, rather a girl, with an oxygen mask on her mouth, with one family member who continuously stood there non stop and addressed her with water that she wanted to drink, patting on her back, and moving his hand on her head, bending down on his knees to talk to her, and ask her. Well they were much far from me, so I could not get what they were talking about!

Then came a lady(aunty) on a wheelchair, along with 3 people! I was surprised thought when she got up when her nae was called! I for a minute had thought she could not walk! Typical Punjabi family I must say, the way they were dressed and were talking ,interesting though!

Then there was also a lady (aunty) with three attendants. who had a fractured leg, She kept on noticing and was bothered about everything happening around her! She noticed me more, I wonder why! Finally it was now the number of this wheelchair lady and she was on the next roll to be addressed by the doctor's treatment, The married couple were also almost through with there rests and all. This guy who had his dad sleeping were about to go for the treatment as well. Well I saw them moved to the other room waiting for there turn as I passed them while leaving the hospital premise!

Later after all the music numbers and FM channels that I listened to skipped and the FB ids I logged in and out from, a message or two I sms'ed. It was time to big a bye bye. We went out of the Hospital to a cafeteria nearby to have a coffee and a mango juice! & then we were called at the hospital for doctor wanted to have a word! We went, and there again I saw the son and the dad, sitting! It seemed that they were through with the stuff, and waiting for the report or may be a talk with the doctor, For a minute I thought I should talk and inquire if things were well, the checkup was through with! well then I thought and give it a second thought of not doing so! I passed them again finally bidding the hospital and the people and everything that I went through and through! Happy about that I have a memory to think about whenever I would want to recall it! and it certainly was one half day almost I was stranded and utilized to the best! The worst part was coming out to the sun! wanted so badly to go back home, take a bath, eat something, and drink something cold! and a bath! well well well lovely experience though!

I had no intention or had never thought would be updating this on a blog/FB, but I guess it was worth! - Anonymous (34 yr, Male, Delhi,India)

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  1. Well I went the next day to collect the reports & yeah I kept looking for the same faces that I saw the previous day! but to my no luck, there were none!

    There was a smile on my face,while being in the elevator!

    & yeah One thing I forgot to tell you guyz! & it kept stuck somewhere in my mind that how could I miss that out!

    Did I told you the Chinese (I presume) Receptionist at the Hospital was likewise 'Kangana Ranawat' similar voice, similar dimple, similar lips, I mean it's not everyday that I keep staring a women & there I stood trying to analyse her! I happened to had no conversation at all with her, since I was always attended by a nurse just next to her on the right! My bad luck is bad I guess! anyways! was wondering how could I forgot to mention about her!

    Well I do not wish to visit a Hospital for sure again! but yeah for any chance I would have for sure will write in more about it!

    Soon coming up with a similar experience that I am going to share with you! that just happened yesterday!