Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well no ,do not get me wrong, I ain't talking about Casting Couch in here! Well Its like one of those days when you end up hitting yourself emotionally or mentally weak, physically exhausted with things going around in your life, & on top of it with no Physical Pleasures that leave you frustrated and desperate enough to try out new things at your disposal! Sometime you might have a rough day, and you might just not feel the urge or be in a mood to meet anyone to date and help with your sexual work-outs!Here it was me on my couch as always in night, before I went off to sleep! I was feeling the heat around me, in me, for the very reason that it was too hot! despite my air conditioner on, and the water cooler that I switched on sometime back. I wanted to take out everything that I was wearing and l was laid on my couch! (not bed).Adjusting my pillow while I was completely naked, with a side turn hugging and playing with my couch as in touching it, Imagining it to be someone for that matter! With eyes closed in the dark wee-hour's of that time. I could feel getting a hard-on and so wanted to do something about it! I was getting a high while my lower part rubbed it against the couch, in a hand-free mode! I just wanted to try it out, finding a way in the couch to grasp the opportunity of putting it somewhere at that very moment. I just did what I had too right there, putting in the gap somewhere in between the couch! and pushing it in-out and feeling the same high as If I was making love to someone! Many faces, and bodies( many people) came into my mind when I was doing it! for only the feel that I could get was to get done with it and rejoice! Ahh, Holy Shit! there I was doing it harder, though not getting the exact position, trying to adjust. & then finally' I came! I felt awesome. I better get my self human-beings for I do not want to experiment with anything more!But at times you just can not control on your sexual experimental urges and you get it done with! I hope this thing does not turns out to be one of my fetishes, For until now I never had any specific fetish!So far' I tried it twice and I just loved it!Could not have agreed more on' Self Pleasures lead you to Heaven, and you do not need anyone to help you with'.For hand-jobs are often relaxing and self satisfactory! But sometimes you close your eyes and imagination leads you to wonderful sexual fantasies! Will keep you updated for sure on this, if it brought more wonderful expertize and self-pleasures adding on to it!Let me give it a try more often! - Anonymous (Male) 'that's so obvious right)

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