Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Confession'FAKE ID

I am seriously loving the fact that world is of fools, and virtually it's not very difficult to take people and give them a spin! It's fun to make a fake id anytime since it's quite easy! No one is actually going to question you and not ask you who you really are virtually! There are loads of people who ask for my number to talk to them on the phone, that I avoid most of the time, and at times I do, wid the best part being that my voice could be transformed into a little feminine one! For several times I am caught, for the other person says you are a dude and rest of the times the conversation leads to quite and wild hot chat session! The best part is that you end up knowing people more then you ever thought, with knowing what there sexual desires and fantasies are, and how keep one is to have a chat/talk with a girl! They will always like the fake pictures of yours that you post, That can be anyone else's picture's right and they even have to be not at all yours! So this is me a guy with a fake girl id. trying to kill sometime, have a conversation and frustrations let out and sexual urges out! You get to meet various idiots and some intellectual people, & half of the time you tend to get up emotional with some, But it's hard to let them know who you really are! Since no one would take you to be the way you are! Exactly whosoever and whatsoever you be sexually ( A male for that matter). I mean we certainly live in the world of all sexualities platformed and accepted now these days! But still there is less of Male to Male interactions, as much they would be amongst the Male to Female, or Female to Female ones! either you have to be a Gay communicating with a Gay!- Anonymous - 25 Female (virtually),Bangalore,India

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