Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lame People'DEAD Memory

I am sorry but I guess I have a too brighten up and lightened up 'What an Idea' Battery in my memory and it never dies' Yes I do agree at times it's half dead, It's obvious when thing are out of mind, out of memory for some time It ought to be lost, right? But This was a amongst many incidents that happened today, An old contact that I made on Facebook though (A Radio Jockey) with whom I chatted almost some 4 years back, visited my town and I got a SMS dude I am in Delhi, The funnier part was since I had not stored the number in my cell, I had no clue who this person was, Though when I asked who was it. I got the name and the details! Later after not much identification I remembered tat we had never met but talked on the phone for 304 times and even I had a chance to view this person's cam! I guess I am addicted to such things happening around with me lot of time! Cant help it! Rather the funny part was that this person had no idea who he has sms'ed, & I do not understand when you are not sure who you are sms'ing then why do it! Then he kept asking me dude I have your number stored in my cell, but I have no clue who you were. But when I told him about the chat we had and the cam session and the talks! He recalled half of the thing that just might happened but still could not acknowledge who I was, I guess there was no use meeting such people who even had no clue who they messaged to meet up when in town. God! for this incident made me realized I will never forget for what so ever reason who I interact with and remember people by there face and what they did! The guyz from the Media World can be so lame, with no conversation skills at all! & when I had a 3 minute talk with this person all he was insisting me to tell me who I was! Damn! this is funny and weird and I had high hopes from people! Anonymous - 24,Kerala,India

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