Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here from it all started and came to an End!

Is it a way to Communicate or is it just that someone would want to keep the Conversation keep on going! Some one really wants to Communicate with you that badly!
It's not that somethings sometime are better off when not face to face, and at times they are so face to face! You cant express in a much better way! and at time you just don't know how to react!

No matter what all we discuss or talk about, but it's the conversation and the communication that keeps the two or more people keep on going, taking it over-board, crossing in the limits, and at times just so nonsense, or higher then expected that one would feel on the verge of either being so un-knowledgeable or intellectual enough!

I had a friend visit me the other day! I will not go in to the details of my Friend though' but rather speak up and share all the Conversation' Communication we had face to face! It was like we met after real long, and we have been friends not as in friends but sometime we do not know what to call such relations that come from no where and you share in all the small and the big things with each other irrespective of it would matter or not, or it would just be something some where you could not let go, and not even let it come! I mean in a situation of kinds when you feel you are in a state, where you just would have no choice left!

Sitting for a while on the net, on facebook commenting and addressing the friend requests and wising Birthdays! having a glass of water then listening to some songs on the FM Radio, and after a while sharing some pictures, and videos with him, the times we had together and few of the moments of my life and people in my life, family and myself! I was said I lost weight and looked better)That was one thing I felt good about) certainly!

As soon as we shifted to my room, He starting to hit me with questions like, why were you not picking up my calls, and what's happening at your end, How's family, Any plan's to get married?, Hows Mom doing, Hows work? Hows life in general? to a lot more list of things that were inquired from me when I was with a friend face to face. Sipping to my Bacardi Breezer, I was like in a Mode of replying to some and ignoring the rest!

In between I went to the kitchen to get something to eat for both of us, Keeping the food on the gas to get all heated up! with the answers somewhere moving from my heart to my mind and vice-versa of the questions I was asked! Well not all the time you speak up the truth, since there are a lot of secrets inside your self being that you wont let out to someone who is not that close to you, and does not share that very comfort level that you hope you could!

I came back to the room putting everything on my bed, where we sat face to face, sipping in my BB in between with the FM Radio on with songs which could be my best friend in terms of what all I could ever have in mind and could and should and would wanted to say! As if they were speaking and puring my heart and mind out in the words they sang about!

I rained few hours back when we met, & I was waiting for more of it, Since I do very love the rain, and would have ran down on the roads to get all wet! I was little high with the drink I took and still not getting the high I needed! As is it was the questions un-answered answered somewhere that wanted to hide-in and some wanted to come-out so very bad!

Then it took a little while to settle down on the lazy bone to relax on the bed! with pillows being adjusted, and body being angled in a position to settled in with much ease!

The interesting thing was, when I cam back from the kitchen the second time after again getting some more to eat, since the food (3 Idli's) was not much for both of us, so had to cook ( Omelette's and put them with some slice's of bread with Ketchup) I came back and realized this fellow was clicking his picks! & I asked him you could have at least switched on better light to click, It's already so semi lighted ambiance ! Then we again had a series of questions from his side actually not mine! I am not that habitual of asking much until unless I am real close to a person!

Then I was kind of editing the pictures that he clicked in my cell of him, and we were adding smiley's and big swollen lips, muawh lip too it as well! and adjusting the contrast and brightness and colour and effects!

We started the nonsense conversation after a while, which had Osama - is he really dead? How is this place Andaman & Nicobar Island, Have you ever been to Eqypt? He then shared about his visit to Ajmer, & his plan to visit Mumbai soon!

With more of things that he wanted to talk, I never wanted to ask him about his personal stuff, since He seemed quite complexed with life and I never wanted him to speak and discuss all the sad things about his life and present and future and past!

The conversation started about What would it be like a Hell or Heaven in real? How different or same are our cultures and religions, he being from a Muslim Community and I being a Hindu, and we talked about Christians and Christianity, Why would Muslim bury the dead, and why would it not be the same as the way Hindu's do, Fire the body! What came first ,which religion and where from! how true it all was? What are the dreams about' how real and how fake they are. Do the angels and demon's really exist? The festivals, the clothes, the activities one does in one's religion. How far do we follow the religion and spiritualism, to a what extent? Is it necessary to pray and visit temples, and mosques etc!

Why are people who do bad, happy and why are the ones who are good not content with life!

So are you looking for a girl now? in between he asked, and I replied yes as of now I am not looking to get married, still we are looking for! He stated everyone needs some one in life. to which I answered, not necessary, Life alone can be much more wiser and happier, with no restrictions, no problems, no adjustments, no commitments, no compromises, just you and your family, that's it, why would you want to have a stranger in your life and your family and make someone a part of your world! It's not always that you would get someone alike, and good! Then I discussed with him about a girl who was after me, madly in love with me, (that's what she thinks) but I am not, since I don't like her, and we might be poles apart! It's like there are loads of things necessary for two to mingle and single, other then all the more obvious reasons of liking, interest, comfortability, mental physical and emotional attributes! family, lifestyle, profile, looks etc!

It was already 04;45 am by that time! I so remember the time, since I cud see my alarm buzz on my cell, when he asked me to switch off the music and lets go of to sleep, or else we would be making a world record of not sleeping for the while night long!

I mean would have not talked this much, about everything, anything, about certainly and uncertainly about lot of answered and un-answered queries to his interest! We got up at 09:00 am. & this restless and little restful sleep that I had, don't know about him ,if he slept good or not! I had to leave morning at 10;00 for some personal work issue! So had to say him goodbye,and he said yeah he would also leave had to go back as well! we went half way and then he realized that he had left his packet at my place, which he brought along! He went back brought it, and then it was a final good bye!

Well hell of a Conversational night-morning it was!

I hope we have such people who could just talk and be comfortable ,with a limit to the restricted queries and un-sealed lips, answerable to everything asked! Not everyone we share with, and not everyone we disclose the darkest of secrets! Not everyone we talk to in a much comfortable way! After all it's all about Communication and Conversation, Letting it all out and feeling that comfort - Anonymous,35,Delhi, India

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