Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello guys, I believe love is a space where two compatible souls share their emotions,grow together,adjust certain things,and reciprocate to the affection effortlessly. Having said so I have defied the most important rule that I would have made for myself ever.yes,Distance Love!

I had never held any strong opinion for distance relationship,but now when I breath one myself would differ from my earlier definition of love. Like any other realization that we come across in our life we break all the subconscious belief that we had built to make ourselves content.

It's been a year since I am in love with this person who has drastically changed my life, and I am stumped to how we have evolved with a distance factor being the sole foundation. I have had my set of failed relationships but never did I carry any of my past memoirs as a reference frame to judge the person who i loved or was loved by.and i guess this makes me a person who easily loves someone when I have just witnessed getting dumped,so moving on comes a little easy to me. Having said this I always feared of ending with a chain of people who must have fancied an affair with me and it only could end up as a failure.

Love happened to me when I was least expecting it,it hit me when I had decided to go single all the way, happy with my friends,family,work and all that mattered for my existence. My love was a visitor to me on a dating site. He acknowledged my barely informative profile but left no trace of greetings or signs of initiating a conversation. I somehow managed to send him a "Hi!".

I think this was the moment when it all just started to shape up. He responded to my hi and confessed to me that he was not expecting me to ever consider his presence. He believed that he could not trespass the age difference we share. To his surprise I have an elderly fetish (which I revealed it to him much later) so I was rather more interested at my end.

We both were aware of the distance we could have to overcome if at all anything like Love was to happen,so we started with no strings attached and a clean friendship for that sake.humans are so convincing when they are making efforts to impress someone and we certainly did abide to this instinct then.so it started with a healthy dose of friendship and sharing everything of our life that ever mattered.we set a bond instantly where we ended up chatting for hours on-line and disclosing every bit of unnecessary information that we could have never bothered.it followed with swapping numbers and then also having phone conversations for every morning-afternoon-evening!

He had become a routine to me and I simply flattered myself for the attention he conferred upon me.

The proposal was too early to be honest and was certainly from his side(me being the least romantic of the two of us) but I could not resist from saying a yes to him,it was the most sweetest proposal I could have ever thought. He started with ,"I know we both have said earlier how we agree on the no strings attached and I know its too early for me to say a thing like this,but I think I am in Love with you!" I was aware of the effect he had on me that one week of our introduction and sharing our lives where we always virtually interfaced and spoke our hearts out. I took yet another ground breaking decision for myself and gave this whole distance relationship a chance. Today I feel glad that we took this decision.and we have already started making plans on our future,we share effortless understanding between us and are the most practical couple to my knowledge.

So this was how it all begun.I always revisit my memoirs where i know its not what i would like to do,but breaking this rule is yet another realization for me to live happiness and rejoice for the wonderful start that led to this perfect present and to make us plan for a even better future ahead.

Theres a lot more of stories to be told on my end about me and my love but I think its better to write it here in bits. So this is the start and I am aware that this just does not end. So friends I hope you enjoy reading this piece of my life which is really close and special for me. - 21, Anonymous, Mumbai

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