Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Package-Big Ego

This past Christmas I had to go to dinner over at my in laws. Lately, my husband's sister and I have been getting close so I told her how I felt about having no regard towards my husband's sister in law who happens to be practically living with my in-laws. That's only because when my husband and I were still dating, she got on my case as to why was I always baking cookies or making cupcakes and bringing them over all the time. First of all, my boyfriend now husband and I, happen to be really great friends who lost contact with each other and when we met again, we got together. You bet I felt we were destined. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy, I couldn't help but did all those spur of the moment, out-of-love, things. So as I was saying, I was telling my husband's sister about it and the unthinkable happened. During Christmas dinner, where the whole family and friends were over, my in laws were saying grace to the table and they just so innocently prayed that all daughter in laws and son in laws should be blessed to get a long. I was like WTF? This is a Christmas Dinner and they take on the roll like they're all righteous to judge something that they didn't even have the decency to ask??? I'm so mad.

Sorry if a loser like myself is bothering you right now, but if you don't mind I would like some advice. Now, I don't hate myself. I just hate my life and the people that exist in it. I just feel like God just tries his best to screw up my life. I remember a time when each morning as I woke up I'd think to myself:"Oh no! Not yet another day!"I'd prefer to fall back to sleep again and never wake up.Back.

Help! I hate my life. I can't get anything going right.- No - Anonymous , Female (Age: 26-30), Africa

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