Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am a 24 yr old guy from Kashmir. And all my life I have been complexed about how I looked, when compared to people I knew. I had an issue since when I was a kid. Felt like I am from the other planet. I was not handsome and tall like the other guys. I was cute though and fair enough but still had punchy belly and heavy chest (breasted like women). & this thing lead me deeper and deeper into self consciousness and complex nature. Well I thought about going for injections and height increase therapies and diets etc. But guess as the time passed from school to college and youth age, I was busy with so many things around me that I could not work on the things, & never had anyone with whom I could discuss all this and take it any further. I was short, little bulged . & If it would just had been my belly it would have just worked good for me, but the male breasts have made my hide inside my cocoon & has actually hampered my mixing with the world around me, socially and mentally hindering my very self to an extent of becoming one loner. No sports, no activities by and large. It made me so very self confined that I could not mix-up well with the so called classmates friends, and nor the relatives or society as it should have been. I have not given it any effort though, like thinking to go and consult a doctor and get some treatment done etc. Well I guess if you have a problem, you need a solution and you need to self it for yourself or ask someone to do that for you. If you could not discuss some issues with your folks, you would need to to that with someone at least. I guess I could not find anyone meanwhile being so busy with other chores of life. From schooling to college and then the life at present.This has made me loose interest in myself though I struggle hard to look good and carry myself well. Still the fact that I am short height-ed and little bulky makes me different from the rest of the lot. Well and we all know it don't we that looks matter. No matter what you say or do, what's your age or whosoever you are. If you got good decent average looks, and normal height and body structure you would be admired, and if not admired at least not look down upon. I don't know if I would be able to do something about it. Just need a way to work it all up. It effects my sexual life along with my mental,emotional and social life, pertaining to uncomfortable and complexes. - Anonymous

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