Monday, October 31, 2011

HOW CLOSE is too close


Getting close to people - Do you find that sometimes, when you get too close to a person and become close friends with them, both of you ended up hating each other eventually?

This is what happened between me and my close friends. Initially, we get along very well. But when we get to know each other better and become closer, we ended up getting annoyed with each other and eventually we fall out with each other. It's really strange how the people who are closest to you are the ones who judge you the most harshly.

I don't feel like getting close to people anymore, I feel annoyed by most people. Or maybe I just haven't meet the right person for a close friendship yet. Does anyone feel the same way as me?
People Are Like Vegetables, Or Bad-tasting Medicine!-I've seen people I care about get hurt by people, which has made me very hesitant to trust others.  It's kept me safe emotionally, but it has made me very lonely.  Unfortunately, humans are social animals, and as much as I hate to admit it, I need a certain amount of human interaction, or I start to go crazy.  My overactive mind goes into overdrive, I get paranoid, & my social anxiety gets worse.  So, I force myself to be as sociable as I can, & try ignore the anxiety & discomfort bcos I know it's good for me.  In other words, people are like vegetables, or bad-tasting medicine!  You just gotta swallow it.
Well basically there's this girl I know. She has a boyfriend who she describes as caring,bla bla bla but lately I see her always sitting extremely close to a boy (best friend, she claims).Extremely close as in leaning onto him,leaning onto his breast and then sleeping basically on him,sitting on his lap and leaning on him face very close to his, etc..also she describes that boy also as sweet and caring,etc. Worst thing is she and he have both crushes on each other. Personally I think she's going too far as she does have a boyfriend..and she did look kinda flirty and easy. When I told her she needs to tell her boyfriend - she overreacted and told me that she loves him and that she will not leave him. When I told her not to get too physically close to that boy then she sees nothing wrong with that. As they are "best friends" but she does have a crush on him. Well, she tells me that she's quite committed to her boyfriend so flirting around like that shouldn't be good. She's 18 - an "adult" but in this small city or barangay where she's in. Everybody know everybody and who wants to be labeled something bad esp. if you know how fast it would spread?

Also she did say she loves her BF but she has a huge crush on her friend (and he has too).It's not really my problem but I do care what others think of her, esp. within the own family!

Leave her alone? I would if I weren't "in-charge" of her. I'm the one who pays all her bills cuz I'm like her parent (I'm not but I'm a relative of hers). - Anonymous

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