Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have met many guys and gals talking about getting a Tattoo done. Not very much to my surprise, It came to out to be quite  curious intensed harmonal genes that were pretty much excited when the word Tattoo came into a discussion being made, or talked about. But not more to ma surprise I met interesting people who were more interested to get Tattoos on there private parts, If I might say it to be rather a "A Private Affair, Flaunting Publically" which seems quite in these days. Long gone have those days when It was a traditinal social or a personality trace affair, as of now it has become a symbol of masculanity & sexual orientations, fetishes, tastes, image.
There was this discusssion, the other day a Tattoo artist was talking to me about interest of people getting inked on there private parts, & then a series of questions that came backing it all up, laid down to a Tattoo Artist like: Is it going to pain much, and how much time will it take? What if I want to get it done on a private part of my body?
The Tattoo Artist replied yes, it can be done anywhere you want, and hour or so is it that will be the time frame, and would give less pain, compared to others - technically! Well after all the questions, that were answered to the person be addressed too, It came a surprise to the Tattoo Artist, when he was more surprised to know when he was asked, Whether you shall be naked or half dressed, while you are putting that tattoo for me? To which the Tattoo Artist replied, well Lets meet up, and then decide, but yes no harm in being naked.
Can you personally come to my place to put a Tattoo for me asked the person, & yes was a reply of Tattoo Maker, with a smiley!
When asked, was the deal finalized, the Tattoo Artist said no, not yet. Waiting for it to finalize. Looking forward to it.
From getting a Tattoo inked (size does matter - helps you finalize the budget, you are looking in to put in) to ones fetishes & curiosities, This is the same level of curiosity that goes in every one's genes, when they look forward to - getting inked! & with a more curious behaviour when the Tattoo is for the private parts, a private affair much largely becomes a public affair.
Hope to update you more on this, if it happens! - Anonymous

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