Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Pink Bucket-THAT BROKE

One of the days, from general chores of life.

I happened to use my mom's Loo for shampooing my head, I lifted the bucket
& kept it on the Pot, so as to make it nearer to the basin, where I could
rinse my hair thoroughly, without much of an effort of filling the bucket
with mug  again and again, since it was much of an effort, and quite time
consuming. & Once you are all soapy, you don't want the soap to enter your
eyes, hurting you. At the same time you don't want to wet the whole area.

Very first water filled Mug went to wash my head, & then as I was about to
down my mug to fill more water from the bucket, the bucket kind of slipped
down from the pot, & 90 % of the water drained. With the leftover I
managed to wash myself. finally done with the wash, I could feel pressure
being built in my stomach(fecal incontinence) I needed to shit. Sitting on
the pot, I opened my tap, so as to fill in the bucket with water, to wash
myself after I was done. Meanwhile I was in the process of evacuating the
fecal matter, I noticed that the bucket was not being filled with the
speed it used to everyday. I adjusted the bucket, gave it a clear sight of
vision, making it sure if it was placed properly under the tap. Ok! done
with that, I still could not see much of water being filled, all I could
see was water on da ground. Constipated, holding myself up, reaching my
hand to the switch on the light, & taking out my spectacles, seeing if I
could see better without them, and cleaning it & adjusting them again, I
pulled my bucket up to check what was wrong (with a thought, that it might
have had got a leak, after a fall) I could not hold myself giggling
murmuring the Nursery Rhyme "Humpty Dumpty sat on a Pot' Humpty Dumpty had
a great Fall" Who was the Humpty & which one was the Dumpty-Still Not
decided though.
I had the two white buckets in my bath-room, from where my friend brought
one & now the White Bucket had the Pink One placed inside it. "Sad though,
that the White-Twin Bucket's had enough time together as friends, but
needed space from each other, likewise the Pink One now has a company!

As If: Pink Bucket was like a Mother, with White Bucket as it's child in
her lap, filled with water(joy & love), with the Mug on the layer(a toy in
hand of the child, being played with, while sitting on his mom's lap)

Simple yet Emotional "On the Pot" (In the Loo) Realization / Thought.

Last but not the least. In continuation with the later part of the
rhyme"All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty
together again" referring to my Mother's Pink Bucket as Humpty, which no
matter what, could not have hold the water, & had to be done away with! -
It's still kept in the washroom, & still being hugged with the White One!,
along with the Pink Mug!

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