Monday, April 9, 2012


I am a Night Lover, You can keep me awake all night! I can make all da plans through night, (yet difficult when it comes to practising it, becos they have to be done in da mornings), Many things dat I cud create, thin...k & learn, & do - are all da ones which only the darkness of then night, the peace & being my own very self, in an un-disturbed environment! I cud have been more of a hard-worker if there was just the night!, I totally admire the calmness of the wee-hours! Until the noises & disturbances from everywhere seem to disturb your calm peaceful mind, if you are not sleeping that is! & if you by any chance are slept in night, you dont tend to put ur thoughts into actions, simply becos, you would love to do many of the things when you were never asked why. what. how? and so on! I wish If there wud be certain palces that cud be made open 24 hours! I wish everything cud be done through da internet! & I wish There was more of the world doing much stuff in da night, not waiting for the mornings! If I aint sleeping you will always find me online, beside doing something or the other - ( a big list that is). May be I am adapted to the so called night life! & the other part (day)is not my cup of tea! I still cud be myself, alone, busy wid da chores of my thoughts & at peace, wid loads of things in ma head! But yes I am a Night Lover & I wish I cud even enjoy more of it in all possible ways! From troubled to unsorted to many portions of psyche in ur head to the most serene, calm, spritual & at peace - ME, loving and living every it of Night! - Dreams if I sleep, make me wonder, guide me at times, disturb me at other, bring smile on ma face, & da nap is all I cud take to live a life! I dont see any point wasting many hours sleeping! I cud sleep all day long, & wait for the night to come! Wto go off to sleep, & there I rise & shine! - With no noises, but da inner voice! I still am awake, & I wish I cud be more! - AnonymousSee More

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