Monday, March 12, 2012

My 6 Year Old DAD

<My 6 Year Old DAD>

This story is sort of inspired by the mum run story written earlier on this page.

I lost my mom 6 months ago and I live with my dad and have no kids. My dad is much like a kid himself...(my formula is over 60=6) says the wrong things to the right people (colleagues) and then chuckles like a naughty boy. It used to bother me for years and years until I realised that I ended u...
p either apologising to people or arguing with him after each episode. This made things awkward and unpleasant between us and with my colleagues who were victims for many years. I tried avoiding going out with him completely (which my sister is usually very good at)...but think that may not be good for him.

At the same time, he needs some company, so I have to go along with him or sometimes take him along when my friends (who he is very popular with) invite him. For a long time I wondered whether there was any other way to handle the situation. I finally had my AH HA moment last evening, on our way back from a friend's place. It was the realisation that I don't have to take him seriously. If he offends anyone in the process, its his thing to handle, not mine. I may as well enjoy the ride and get some laughs out of it myself!

This takes a lot of stress of me and I can actually get on with doing what I need to do....restructure my life and live with a lighter mind after my mum is gone...

- Anonymous, Mumbai (India)

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