Saturday, September 15, 2012

CHATTING OVER-Un'Social Networking

I share in few chats that I had over this social Networking Portal & share it across.I logged in as usual to see my notifications, messages and friend requests. Interestingly I was online on chat, with ...few people online. I have a habit of saying hi to all the on liners. Chatter<.1.> After my hi, to this very person, a reply came hello, & so the communication started. There had been no communication previous ever with this person. So it was obvious that I was going to be inquired much more, with questions like, who are you and what you do. Then I was asked for my picture, I said they were in ma albums on my profile. I was told that baby please update your display picture. I replied ok sweetheart, I will do that darling, despite knowing that I wont, Since I was a little insecure, with reference to few problems I had been facing, So did not wanted to publicize myself on my display picture. Rather I had have whole lot pictures in my album, shared with all of my friends on my list. To my question asked from the other side, wassup?, Nothing much was the reply, to which I replied saying, Why nothing, There should certainly be something. Hmmmmm was the reply again. Later with a series of hmmmm's and smiley's, a message popped up, oh you are male, I thought you were a female,& I am sorry for talking to you like this, mistook you for a female. (I wondered, what if I was a female, at least a conversation would have reached to some heights (thoughtfully with a peculiar imagination) Thankfully, the other side was enlightened about my sex. & The conversation seemed to have come down to an end. Surprisingly, yet intuitively (where have we all lost, in the world of fake people, id's ,people irrespective of there sex), I mean it could have been a more conversational talk(chat), a conclusive one, (despite just a add on in the list of so called stranger the social working sites term as friends. Chatter<.2.> This one was a straight yet intriguingly fake & idiotic. The person on the other person was online, and with a couple of his and hello's and the questions being bombarded, like who you are what you do and where is your picture. (I am amazed on the idiotic-ness of social networking users, where they cant even have a look at the whole profile before going into a friend list and accepting the requests, and would never communicate, until you start poking, or take in an effort to communicate yourself. the next question I was asked, what do you like? my answer was everything(not exactly knowing what was I being asked in particular pertaining to what?,withought any specifications) After all a stranger asking you this thing for the first time, is little out of the box. I guess I had assumed what it meant, though I took it in a easy way, & replied everything. Then I was asked to be specific, in detail about my likes. I asked the same question to the person on the other side, to know what was it exactly, that was being enquired about. Reply form the other side came, first you tell me. I again said, everything, to which I was asked so what's your size? Holy Shit,(intutively though, but not that straight forward was I expecting I would have been barely asked such thing in few minutes of a first time chat. I kind of cleared in the specification of the thing I was being asked about, & message came with the other person's specified measurements. (I got you) was in my mind. As if I knew what and who of the whole personality on the other side with interests and looking for criteria(clear and loud), Then I was asked if I knew the other two mutual friends of our's who were in the friend list of both, & whether they do are of the same interest, & what did you had such chat's with them too?. My answer was no, not such talks with them, they are just friends, who are in my list, with no particular agenda form my side as of now(so it was just a general hi-hello, series of pokes, and a picture & status like-communication until now), i& i was not aware of there sexual orientation( & never had actually wanted/initiated to enquire, or was curious about-never had added them on that particular agenda on mind! After that in sometime noticed. I was befriended from the other side, and that was the next thing that was already on my mind. (Surprisingly though, I was irritating, and useless at the same time, to have had such people in the list, who actually were not clear about what they were looking for and who they knew, and how they want to communicate, (I mean why was I being added or my friend request being accepted in the first place, without basic intro and interest, orientation & sex derailing (specification despite being mentioned on the profile info(over this social networking site). For sure my pic’s were liked, that came as a sigh! to me knowing it. now I know I am not that bad looking. LOL Chatter<.3.> A decent looking person on the side accepted my friend request, that I had send across, & with no questions I was asked, I guess it was much clear on the other side what my sex was, and where my picture was. With couple of likes that I hit on the person's pictures. I kind of took the person to be cute and simpler a teenager, who seem keen to be friends, and increase there list of friends. Well after the little 3 minute conversation, that we had, I was asked, Which Mobile Service you use? my reply was XYZ. & to my surprise I message came, Can you please transfer Rs. 500 to my Cell, as a recharge. I never replied back. I guess I was in a stake of shock*in a funnier surprisingly sort of way). yes I later saw this person online after long, and we communicated, hi, wassup, smiley's & that's it. Good Lord, I was not asked for a re-charge to be done. I mean I need to be friends wit a person first or relatively known a person, to have actually do the needful, how can I do it for a complete stranger? - Anonymous, Male, 34 Delhi, India

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