Saturday, September 15, 2012

SHOPPING ONLINE-The Box’Treasure Hunt’Shipment’

I got this Online Shopped Parcel delivered to me at my doorstep, Without checking the whole package out, I handed over the cash to the Delivery Boy. After unwrapping the packet, I realized ...that I was charged double of the amount for the original product/item mentioned price. I made several attempts to dig in to the packet ,but could not find anything other then one item, out of all 4. Yet to be figured about the whole issue, I mailed to the Online Shopping guys & I got several calls pertaining to the same, trying to figure out about the whereabouts of the other items-undelivered. I absolutely had no issue’s after I could find out the lost invisible package somewhere in the depths of it's own outer packing after 2 days. The Terrifically Insane, part of the thing is that the Cardboard Box, has been double packed, and then a 3rd layer of XYZ.Com ‘Branded’ Plastic Packing over it, & tapes everywhere. These guys should be specific about, how the Parcel was Packed, So that the Customer can really do a full Search! The Box was emptied, after this one product was found inside(A), and the rest other (B,C,D), were there down at the bottom of the parcel. I wonder I would have thrown down the box,(I kept it, thinking I would re-use the box for something or the other) & never found my rest of the Items(delivered) which were inside the glued, stuck and wrapped to the outer surface of the bottom of the Cardboard Box(Packed over in layers). I wish I could have clicked a picture of the same, and shared with you guys. Anyways! I wonder as a genius inside me, did this unwrapping of the Parceled Cardbox to the core, to have finally found the Nowhere Lost secretively hidden. Never in my dreams I could have thought it would be there. With my friend also there to witness the same, He said , He rather would have thrown the box, or dumped it , & never in his wildest of imaginations(dreams) thought there could be a Pilled Up/Layered/Packaged/Product at the bottom of the Card Box Cover - Treasure Hidden(Somewhere) like that... no way! Since the Box was emptied with one product taken out of it. The Packaging department should mention in with the details specified, in such cases, as to where the Parcel could be stuck and glued inside a Parcel along with a Tharmacol padding. I would have taken it as a Padded Packaging part if not had taken out every inch of the Card Board box, tearing down it into bits & pieces...Recalling it as - Dabbey main Dabba"Box in the Box) Thankfully to my Surprise - Finally have found it. (It's like' you get something from nowhere!, and you tend to get excited about it)... It’s like giving a child an Ice-cream, when he is expecting for something lesser or nothing at all. The Excitement & happiness of finding out something that was lost/out of sight, which you were looking forward too. I happened to have shared this incidence over the Blog on the Internet as well. :) I do appreciate the cooperation at there( end! & wanted to bring to there notice about the same ASAP. So that they did not panic any further with the delivery & charged amount issues. I at last await for the Left over item (E) Packet yet to be delivered, as I have been told it would be delivered to me soon for reasons. I have learned my lesson, next time, I would ask the box to be opened and checked fully before I pay in the COD Charges. Looking forward to Shop more at XYZ.Com, & hopefully no more tearing down packaging & finding my ways to the hidden treasure(item) inside. - Anonymous, 28, Delhi, India

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