Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hornier, The Merrier-ME


Weird, Vague but True, Desperation that I was in, in the midst of everything, but no where. Just in between the daily chores, to the hornier side of me. I could do it with everyone, anywhere as it seemed like. Jus...
t a sudden hard-on, in between the not so settled down me, watching the life from a far!

Its been ages since I actually had real sex. It was crazy but yes momentum, but it lasted long, and willing to explore more on the sexual front(encounters), more and more of it. I would be habited by such sensual explorations, craving for some and more of all of it , in a sudden go! From anyone around to everyone far, I would be willing to satisfy myself virtually (imagining) if it was happening in real. & with internet not so far from my reach, a regular, random visits to the so called sites, (you know what I mean), it just pacifies your cravings and lust. From a Construction Worker on the site, to a shirtless laborer, sweating his way doing his task. I would like imagine doing it with every single person I would get a little caught up by, and infatuated with. Shagging was the ultimate thing to satisfy myself at the moment.

The Servant on the Floor Terrace, taking bath to the Imagination running down to the Sensuous tastes and experiments with a body(male/female) polluted my mind, as I blushed and smile, imagining it all, and giving it a way into my head & heart, as If my body wanted to get it done, and get over with it, like it was for the first time, a new me, who wanted to explore it all. Making Love, with a Pizza delivery Guy for a minute even, to someone, who would, could see me naked, and appreciate me, and I in return would see something more unclothed, that could satisfy me,.

A feeling to touch, taste, feel, smell & all that! Gosh, I must be going erratically, erotically naughtier, not desperate on the sexual front, but more on the exploring sorts! something new, something desirable at the same time, Something from Someone, if I had only the clue and an attention caught of someone, who approached me to do so, since it's quite a hesitant thing asking someone directly.

LOL I know I had been crazy thinking all that, but yes you have no ban on thinking right, So my thought process too all the turns, going straight up and down, right and left, in and out, barging into a naked myself, exploring more, coming down to myself, seeing ,myself naked in the mirror, and craving to bewatched naked, and see some naked flesh myself. Not a sin that is, though it's just a feeling that one goes through most ofthe time, with the same or the opposite sex. I must be gay, bisexual, straight. or just curious, for no matter what it had to be,I was kind of potent enough to keep my urges under-cover. It's like a win-win situation, making a mark, doing it right, and sometimes its like just doing it, going for it. no matter what so ever! Calming myself to a chair, flipping through some, net-friendly sites, having some chat's that were too notoriously hornier,& porn on the net that helped me, finally calmed me down! ( you get it right?)

It's not most of the time, you admire some good looking peeps, that have more then, what you got, physically (since we live in the world of looks), where rest of the things don't matter. & you certainly don't get it from In the books. Either you are one of those, who is surrounded by peeps who love the way you are, or vice-versa, & carry it on & make way for all the experimental explorations.

Exactly looking everyone with the same imagination, that I was ridden by at the moment, searching for a prey to hunt down and myself to be explored. - Anonymous, India

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