Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guested Leaves-PLANT LIFE

Watering the Plants is like giving a Lifeless piece of Life a Life, No Matter how offended, outraged, how ignored, how dilutedly complex, some things or people appear or exist to a seldom differentiated eye,person to person , it would stand as it was ever, nothing would change, and nothing could change it, All could maketh a wonder is a little love care comfort and a feeling of being connected emotionally, materialistically , hysterically - in a way, insane, sane way(the way one perceives) , beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder & shall exist, no matter you take the subject out of the visionary sight, or you maketh the world go blind. - That's what I did, and there was this sudden joy, as if the Plant's were telling me' We need a bath, we have been out in the dust and the sun for long, with no rains, and then , as much as I wished I could get wet myself in rain, or else taking the pipe, & standing beneath it, getting wet - my insanity and sanity just went blanked, from a child to an adult and from an adult to a child, and I lost myself, my fear, my aspirations, hopes, chaos, & all I could feel was a smiley face, that must have been staring at me, as much as I smiled looking at those poor wet green babies, overshadowed with burned browned state, that I chopped off (most of them) in the evening. - I so wish I was a plant, and I was cared & loved, not asking one, without expectation and it would come to me in a natural way or by any means! - Love - the more you give, the more you get, Don't expect, just do ! & see how the world respects, & gives it to you, and nothing can stop it. The little child in me was thrilled to play with the water, as much as the plants would have felt happier.

Looks like all of the Autumn/Summer Tree leaves have kind of settled down on/in to my house, for they love being nestled up so at my balcony/garden area, and even follow there way inat the slightest gap or opening to the entrance wherever available! It's like even they want to lie down in the despair hope of some shade/shadow & quench themselves in the summer heat, They Leave down & fly down every minute ,half of them to the outer skirts of my house, and half of them inside. Well I wish I could click a photography of the piled up Leave's Home(now, as I call it),a huge mountain made of Leaves(all dried up, mixed with some fresh new ones which keep falling, Strangely, but truly I almost every week decide to broom them up, and pile them up at one corner of the walled area. & decide to leave it there, for someday I would fill them in the packets/buckets/and throw them somewhere, or someone would take it away! They are all a mix of yellow green red hues, with the Red Flowers along with them. Hey Mr. Tree "that's what I say it sometime' why don't u make your leaves fall on the outer skirts of my house, and not inside, for I find it difficult to broom your everyday & pile you up, and think everyday 'what would I do with it, When shall I possibly throw them away! They Look so Sad at times to me, as if they also wanted the Rains to come much earlier, that's what I wanted badly! They & Me So Similar we Look, as if we both needed a cozy, comforted Shelter, away form the Summery Syndrome, & wanting to Submerge ourselves with water! "Poor they" - When I see them, I say it to my self! I guess, they might be saying the same looking other - in any sign language, or whispered murmurs!, I am sure they can hear me, I don’t think they are deaf, but it's like they would react at times, as if they were angry or something, like when I would broom them on to the sided Wall, after a few steps, I would see them running down to the next corner, as if they took those baby steps, without even letting me know, 7 as soon I would go inside, closing my entrance door, to my surprise ,when ever I open my door to see, if they were steadily piled up and they did not created a mess ,they would be lying all fragmented,(as if like a little child they wanted to play with me, & make me run after them!). For once I would say to myself, what the heck, I would broom them next to next week or so!(for one thought that came wondering, would not it been a 'De fragmentation software' like the Computer, that would re-arrange them all in sequence! or auto align 'like the Desktop Feature 'on the PC! With a huh! to myself with that breath I come back, &whenever I clean it, and broom them all, i am sure to announce it to the neighbors next door! & most of the time they would notice me doing it & say " Today it's getting Cleaned Hmmm" & I would say it to myself, Only if there were Trees that would not shed in Autumn Winters! Life would have been a little more easier! But would not have I got a Story to share in here, Would have? - Anonymous ,35, India Delhi

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