Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MIXER & The Cold-Coffee

It's Been a Old Mixer,,,that's used mostly for the Cold Coffee, at various platforms, As in when there is no Light it's hooked to the sockets, kept at the place. that are on inverter. It even shifts from one place to another. At Time when it's to be used at around 3:00 in the morning, its shifted to my Bed Room, so the next door neighbors don't get disturbed and question me the very next morning, Mixer running late in the wee hours at 3:00 A.M ,What were you doing with it. (Holy Shit); my reply would be, I was using it to grind my emotions soaked in my tears! LOL, Jokes Apart, They would themselves know the answer, and would say, were you Making Cold Coffee at Night), & I would look at there face, with no replies, or say no ways! Most of the time it happens that it's used to thin the sugar down, for much of the things that I am fond of having it in and with Milk, But most of them being my all the favorite Cold Coffee, Yippie  I said it), I need 3-4 Glasses from Morning to Night to Survive!, & I would make them and keep the in my fridge, store then, & sip n drink them when I need too! That saved my again and again washing the Mixer & Cleaning & Drying it up! Again, it's been at times, lately that I have even forgot to add milk, and blindly would churn down the Mixer with Sugar & Coffee in it, and in a minute would realize it sounds empty & would pour in the Milk & do the needful. Most of the times, it's happened to me, that the Cold Coffee in the Mixer, would pop up, by force, and half of it would spread all across the walls and the platform, and stuff lying around! & I would take in the effort to clean the useless time wasting deed again by myself! & continue to make my Cold Coffee and be a little Sorry to get that Milk wasted, For much of the time if much of the Milk would get spilled I would rather collect it and keep it and serve it to the Street Dogs, they would at times, and not at times, have it! Half of the time, it's used to make (now what you call "Paneer" in English" Cottage Cheese. Well the whole beautiful effort of making Cold Coffee and tasting it to check in between of the Sugar & Coffee was perfect or not, & sipping half of it while making it is really n awesome experience! Well & I don't like My Cold Coffee to be shared, I feel jealous if some one asks me for Cold Coffee! Its Mine, i would say to myself! at 35, I guess I survive on cold Coffee & there is absolutely nothing that could beat it, May it be hot or Cold, I use the Mixer, to churn it and make the desired taste & flavor! I just cant live without Cold Coffee, but can live without food, apparently! So next time anyone is inviting me at home, please make sure you have ample amount of Milk kept at your home, and without asking me bring me Cold Coffee, (Large to glasses that is) and don't ask me for anything else! So now this is my Love Affair with the Cold Coffee, & I better pray My Mixer be all right and in steady working condition, or I shall be in trouble! Winter's or Summers I need it any how! By the way I also use it to grind Coconut & Chopped Tomatoes & Onions at times for any preparations etc and so on.  - Anonymous, 35, Delhi, India

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