Thursday, October 24, 2013


Who are we faking too? Our own selves? What for, What good it be to anyone? From young teens, to youthful adult's, mature & older beings, irrespective of everything else!

Thy lonesome saddest people, who live in there own_world, self_obsessed , with no love around nearby in lives, but clinging on the fake lured ecstasy's of life, filling up all the blank spaces somewhere sometimes. Despite all the odds of living with/on virtual dimemas over social networking sites, they tend to suffice with self pity(not showing it to no one), reluctantly not agreeing to it. beside being secretive , not wanting to come out! So unreal for assumptions & presumptions they strive to live on with, not letting see light elsewhere beyond with self judgmental being themselves! falseness & superficial cravings!

Thy afraid to make friends, trust and show affection, increasingly slower on there aspects of finding differentiation between the real and fake, for they feel they are better off alone in the four walled world that they live in, with limitations and self sufficient ceremonial descendants, that they call there own, cheering up to the fake world and asking for attention & not letting there real self come out.

For there emotions might be real somewhere disillusioned to themselves and thy world they restrictively flee away from, and choose to be with the presumed human traits of there near by surroundings, where they find artificial thy few they assume to be real. For all the fruitful endeavors that only last as long as thy selfish need & urge longing is fulfilled. Sometimes its one of the many of the things that take a back seat!, a many of the so called reasoning and logic that permits and restricts ones own very soul mind and body to please oneself and others, with a no obligatory syndrome, or an obligatory one.

For lost is thy age and maturity of the so emotional misunderstanding they revolve around, unresolved much lie the issues that builds up the pressure and an outburst, that existed earlier and shall be in future, for they stay in present until they would later realize that what was was was, and what is is is and what shall be shall be! - not difficult to find millions of the social addict lonesome souls, that differ from one to another, with similar common habitual tendency, nocturnal to self fed foolish online blah-er's, finding peace with a chat that shall hold no meaning & importance by and large on a reality significance.

You will see them online most of the time, very few would understand and agree with the fact, (deep down inside) for why they are there, and for half of the other lot shall deny the factual understanding of acknowledging self to be the one! All the loner's irrespective of caste,creed, color,orientation if sit and do something about this hysterical fake fondness towards a unrealistic unkempt life, shall not come out in a easy way, much sooner, causing more chaos to there lives, & hamper others close to them!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unkempt STUFF- It Happens

unkempt stuff - need_to_sort - they & thy' inside_out
When u tend to Start Talking more n knowing n taking sum-one for granted kinds as a friend and more or what ever your presumptuous mind might expectingly assume it all to be thy, no matter what it be at the back of your head, it tends to mislead u to such result oriented limitations where there are things on the contrary with a different angle all together other then out of the box" -  hidden agenda syndrome - unaware of the circumstantial result oriented, mischievous, emotional & practical Lively Experiences that tend to take u to a back_seat, for all said and heard earlier before & this cycle goes again with a newer ones, upgraded version. One kind of based on ones #experience of life, all learned & understandable, suffices a platform that pertains to a lateral thinking mind, that honestly Tell's you with a Warning Indication - Its all done n said now, No way its gonna harness any fruitful self sufficed interests and no way the other person takes u much more seriously as in real, its all a matter of a whole lot of things. so not one perfect logical explanation to that, but its always like it takes two to tango & nothing has to be one sided for real & no crocodile tears would hamper & over shadow an  intellect brain & a  pure heart - artificial thy be, for how long - we all at the end come down to mere reality of  what we are,  who we are and  how_we_are ! unmasking the mask - taming self, we stand concretely grounded

It Happens Like This, for Why Does it Happen This Way.
(Hindi)Aisa Hota Hai to Aisa Hota Kyon Hai


In the midst of those crowded streets, family around, & television sets, & music on the laptop, the groups of peeps discussing nothing that important - but so loud, and some one talking so loud on the phone,as if he was addressing the crowd! With a noise here, and a noise there, I understand every bit of all of it, but I happen not to hear the person who I am talking to. & those sudden gaps, that kind of try to reciprocate and understand what was said ,takes a while to actually making the conversation slower and it's somewhere or the other but not here!

how do I intend to understand what thy say, what the other person on the other side understand what I say! - for I assure I switch off my fans & water coolers, & I am secluded in a loner noiseless - pin drop silence,grounded -talk while I walk!

the bill that shines brighter day by day, after such talks, for I sit and think, what discussion it be, for it it was no talk, just an assumption of half of it being gone above head, & half of it that never had intentions of loosing its significance - heart felt! for joyous thy talk could be, for straight fro-to heart it could be! for much more then we assume to presume, we could have a well conversation somewhere, it all goes somewhere, other then thy ear, & then it settles down to some chores of busy mind, for heart that keeps silence for much are the times it says nothing -but says it all! For a minute we stand in excitement and for the next we fall! - with a mix of several communicative languages we pitch on too - small.big,high,low,fat,tall. & that's just not all!

for I advise we make a list of things that needed to be addressed while there is a communication to thy, so there on the other hand, no one ask you what how & why?

Sometimes you go blank, really mesmerized by someones talks, & at times, you say - what a pity, I rather play with my lubricated dolls! - A time well spent with a clearer elite, constructive conversation it thy be, for there are other several ways to communicate, but nothing more awesome then a mouth to ear - "we"!

request (hindi) kripya karkey shaant vaaatawaran main ayein, fir mobile par humaara number ghumaayein, or fir humsey guftagun karein!

request: (please do come in a peaceful environment, & then dial on the numbers on your cell phone reaching out to me to talk)