Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unkempt STUFF- It Happens

unkempt stuff - need_to_sort - they & thy' inside_out
When u tend to Start Talking more n knowing n taking sum-one for granted kinds as a friend and more or what ever your presumptuous mind might expectingly assume it all to be thy, no matter what it be at the back of your head, it tends to mislead u to such result oriented limitations where there are things on the contrary with a different angle all together other then out of the box" -  hidden agenda syndrome - unaware of the circumstantial result oriented, mischievous, emotional & practical Lively Experiences that tend to take u to a back_seat, for all said and heard earlier before & this cycle goes again with a newer ones, upgraded version. One kind of based on ones #experience of life, all learned & understandable, suffices a platform that pertains to a lateral thinking mind, that honestly Tell's you with a Warning Indication - Its all done n said now, No way its gonna harness any fruitful self sufficed interests and no way the other person takes u much more seriously as in real, its all a matter of a whole lot of things. so not one perfect logical explanation to that, but its always like it takes two to tango & nothing has to be one sided for real & no crocodile tears would hamper & over shadow an  intellect brain & a  pure heart - artificial thy be, for how long - we all at the end come down to mere reality of  what we are,  who we are and  how_we_are ! unmasking the mask - taming self, we stand concretely grounded

It Happens Like This, for Why Does it Happen This Way.
(Hindi)Aisa Hota Hai to Aisa Hota Kyon Hai

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