Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In the midst of those crowded streets, family around, & television sets, & music on the laptop, the groups of peeps discussing nothing that important - but so loud, and some one talking so loud on the phone,as if he was addressing the crowd! With a noise here, and a noise there, I understand every bit of all of it, but I happen not to hear the person who I am talking to. & those sudden gaps, that kind of try to reciprocate and understand what was said ,takes a while to actually making the conversation slower and it's somewhere or the other but not here!

how do I intend to understand what thy say, what the other person on the other side understand what I say! - for I assure I switch off my fans & water coolers, & I am secluded in a loner noiseless - pin drop silence,grounded -talk while I walk!

the bill that shines brighter day by day, after such talks, for I sit and think, what discussion it be, for it it was no talk, just an assumption of half of it being gone above head, & half of it that never had intentions of loosing its significance - heart felt! for joyous thy talk could be, for straight fro-to heart it could be! for much more then we assume to presume, we could have a well conversation somewhere, it all goes somewhere, other then thy ear, & then it settles down to some chores of busy mind, for heart that keeps silence for much are the times it says nothing -but says it all! For a minute we stand in excitement and for the next we fall! - with a mix of several communicative languages we pitch on too - small.big,high,low,fat,tall. & that's just not all!

for I advise we make a list of things that needed to be addressed while there is a communication to thy, so there on the other hand, no one ask you what how & why?

Sometimes you go blank, really mesmerized by someones talks, & at times, you say - what a pity, I rather play with my lubricated dolls! - A time well spent with a clearer elite, constructive conversation it thy be, for there are other several ways to communicate, but nothing more awesome then a mouth to ear - "we"!

request (hindi) kripya karkey shaant vaaatawaran main ayein, fir mobile par humaara number ghumaayein, or fir humsey guftagun karein!

request: (please do come in a peaceful environment, & then dial on the numbers on your cell phone reaching out to me to talk)

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