Thursday, September 12, 2013


OK how do I stat, now, where do I start it all from. Well. 2 Days of sadness that made me quite irritated. I was like trying to work no matter what on my Laptop continuously , with all the necessary left over available options lately! First it's been some months, I don't know how come, and why, my Touch Pad(Mouse) vanishes (disappears from the Screen) - it's somewhere off the screen, & I don't know where it'll be? suddenly in between for a while. while I am in the middle of a successful working condition! Hitting the Esc button, once or more, along with a hand on the Key Pad, & Touch Pad. Solves the issue. Meanwhile addressing the issue and getting it back with a tricky act!

From Last two days, Suddenly, while I was working on my laptop, I could not see my Task-Bar(that's on the bottom side of the Screen! - Astonished to the sight, & irritated with the plight, I ran down my system off & on, setting on the default settings. Trying to find in the Task-Bar Options (Help) thing and Control Panel's and figuring out ways to resolve the issues, However the one thing that was missing routine was the Time & Date that I could see much often, along with the Sound Control that I could control as per my choice, along with other Pinned in Shortcuts for Net, and other various things! However I could over come the disadvantage of the Missing Task-Bar, although, it became little stupid, Using the Alt-Tab key's for Peeking in the Windows that were open, and and a number of various other things. I was not much perturbed with the fact, though things were running as they had too, but then suddenly something happened and the I got my Task-Bar back, though the Control panel Help Options etc.(Now I don't even remember how and what of it) Never-mind!

I mean I was happy (thrilled would be the precise word though)  that I did not had to take my Laptop to the Vendor, or ask someone for help!

As of now the Task-Bar is working fine, and so is the Mouse, I guess I need to give my Laptop a little rest now, Else I would be seeing a lot of things missing and not working! sigh! It's like everyone should be imparted with this technical knowledge about controlling one's PC/laptop, else would be difficult for anyone, everyone, facing such stuff, and crying out for HELP! - these gadget's I tell you. God I only know, how all terrific thing's I have been witnessed lately! May it be Tablet' Mobile, PC, laptop. & so on!

Interestingly, here comes the Task-Bar, & sadly' here goes the Mouse. LOL - Happens all the time with me, I guess I am used to it by now! - I guess all is well that end's well!

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