Thursday, September 12, 2013


It's not My Love or Your Love' It's Always Thy Love!

What if I could Love Everyone in my Friend List, and Get Love in Return! - Do We need to be precisely putting in a Tagged Version of "Why do you Love Me Syndrome Act"
or need a Reason to Love Someone, & Not just like that, I mean if you sincerely feel you Love, You Love, & I agree that you don't have to have or give the same kind of Love Feel In-Return,but if you co , unconditionally without any lateral thought process, "It would just be so wonderful" - I mean how less and how more are the times when you can actually say this 3 letter word" I Love You". You don't need 2 be bias on any grounds! until there is Love from the both ends, it's not a potentially correct Love Story! - There can be various platforms of your Love - Don't you Love God? Parents? Partner? Dog? Food & Drinks that u eat n drink - Likewise - Why don't we feel much comfortable and easy telling anyone, random, stranger for that matter, who we would like, or like to say - I Love You!, Does it only have to be a Physical Endurance and Emotional One-ON-One to Fall in Love or Love Someone, or Like Some One for that matter, that you could just say that easily that you Love him/her/it?

There are People who Say" Please don't talk about Love' Why should One Not? If I do, I do! If you cant that's your Problem, Whatever happened in your past, with the Odd Experiences, that comes in every persons life at times, it does not make them decisive not to fall in Love again! It's not how you love, its who you love, and with what intentions! How Pure your Love is. Past, Present & Future, does not guarantee anything in Life. It's our choice who we accept and what we expect, and then It's the way it has to work and not work, Once cant just do nothing to make it work, after one point. If I am told not to Love' I would rather be not in a position to Live My Life the way I want to. If Someone tells you Please Don't Love Me' or don't get into Love Sort of thing with me, it imply that the person is not willing to be Loved, and shall in return not give any Love, - What good a Soul and Body be, without Love?

No One has ever been Happy with No Love!

There goes nothing - by saying - I Love You" to anyone, But it goes a lot when you say" I Hate you- to sum one.

It's Always good to spread positive vibes and not the negative ones, not even would it be of any purpose if the thing or a person ain't Lovable Enough, choosing to be in your daily needs requirements list's, talking and meetings!

Simple example: What good be the people in ones Social Networking List, doing if there was no Love, They will be just mere ID's? - For it's a means a way to cherish that Love, Fondness and Care & Being in Touch. that revolves around you and they' - for all that matter's is Love, and for rest it's all a piled up Infatuation & Materialistic Comfort!

You need guts to say "I Love You" (Whatever it be.No Matter What)

Try a simple thing! - Whenever you can, Go & tell your parents that you Love them! & all those people who are there with you, etc. Also Try telling all the things that you can, that u are surrounded by like, water 'while u bathe, Food' that you eat, Clothe' that you wear, - You would have so may things to Love, & You would in return feel all Loved, & You would learn the importance of the terminology - Anonymous, 36 Delhi, India

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