Thursday, September 12, 2013


"There is no such thing as just existing. Everything is in service to everything else. Existence is giving and receiving. A stone gives and receives no less than a saint."

I lately been dreaming about things, rather not dreaming, its like, they are all the time, from everywhere in my head, From all the conversations that I might have done, and remember chatting on the FB and WhatsApp lately(When was the last time I was on it, - don't remember!, to all the Bank Details, the figures that created a chaos around my head, Wondering why did the Interest seemed low, What all accounts and what not. Friend Requests & Pokes seem to have been popping in my head, and so are the mouse click's that I keep clicking , as I flip pages, from one profile to another. From thinking about how do I have a controlled weight management regime, to what would be the ways to curb down my fat. Few Songs that would just not go out of my head. With extra Sleep, not letting me Sleep more, and getting up in between, and having nothing to do, and hitting the bed again, still tossing and turning around, fighting with the issues that bombard my senses. heart and brain - I quietly decide to juggle-up myself all up (as if "I was inside the washing machine, and I was being washed in circular motion, until i was all dried up") - What a Merry go round that would have been. At times, you end thinking all the nuances from day to day life, to the chores of your activities that you were busy in, looking forward to the rest of the things that are on your pending list for real long now! Shifting your thoughts from one agenda to another, and hogging and drinking on to something that could keep your mind busy for a while and shift your thought process from intellect logical thought process to cravings and likes!, Guess I have not been day dreaming lately, but Yes, I am not much at peace with thyself, for there are things that go around, come around, and you still try to settle down to lure yourself - with all is well quotient (when nothing actually is well at all) - a quick start to a decision making effort to pursue some likely healthy options and habits that could boost you up, you decide to do it from tomorrow (which never comes), so I decided to do it today, Now! as I finish my tea) & I am off to something or the other for sure now! cya in a while! - "For everything there is Google, and for everything else, you, yourself are the best person"! -

Saying to yourself what you would be; & then do what you have to do."
"Let the waters settle,you will see stars & moon mirrored in your Being."

True- I have seen it work like magic! & have witnessed moon and sun mirrored on to my very being! I have enough made the waters settled so far by now! and I wonder how often should and would I need to clean the water, since they have been settling from much time now! - Doing absolutely what I have to and meanwhile addressing the thought process with what I would be!

Here I get lazy, wanting to take a nap, & I wonder, is it a good time to put myself on the bed right now or what, Been a while I have been over sleeping lately, with dreams and though process of varied interests i my head, remembering the pros n cons of the things I achieved so far, the things that I already had, and things that I would be looking forward too, with no expectations, only worried about the current state of my mind engrossed on to so many things, that I have been feeding my soul lately. - i wish at times, I could keep my mind out of my body and keep it somewhere else!

For how many more days, weeks, months, years, I got at my disposal, have I done with and got all what I ever dreamed of, building up my Bucket List, on to what all was needed and desired, and striking off the unwanted, yet more on the practical needs and deeds to be harnessed and contributed at the same time.

Shifting from self urges to life long commitments, Conversations on the phone, to some meet's that require face to face acknowledgements, useless ones or the necessary ones!. Then keeping busy with the chores of daily routine; cooking, ordering ration, a walk, seeing yourself in the mirror and making poses, and suiting to you self as the world seems busy, with all the necessary that could keep yourself busy with! - Anticipating a few courteous (though unexpected) help and understandings, as more you grow alone! Anticipating sweet surprising invitations, and home made food to be cooked and dropped by a friend and accompanied along, a call asking if you were free to go along for a movie, or a walk/drive! It's not that all of us have quite a independent life, but at least we got one, why don't we live it the way we want to, if it's made your life too busy and not getting time from your own self, I guess it's time to shuffle and choose the best optimum things in and around your life!

Here I see those leaves scattered in front of me, in the balcony(Garden), & I say it to myself, what the heck! I need to put in time to clean it too. sigh! If only it could get cleaned itself, anyways, shall do it soon! real soon, today itself maybe!

It feels good when you are commented on what you wear, and how you looks! small things that really lift you up, no matter if it was told from heart or just for the heck of it, it's good to hear nice and wise words, at-least on the contrary it makes u wise and nice at the same time, with the positives you get, as well as the negatives at times to an extent, that help you change and grow!

You’ve got the best of both worlds. There are the things, which can take down a man, & lift him back up again. You might be strong but needy,humble but greedy.
Based on body language, shoddy cursive I’ve been reading.Style-quite selective though-mind is rather reckless. Well I guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is &, what a beautiful mess this is! - Anonymous

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