Thursday, September 12, 2013



Yesterday(Kal), Din kata kuch Baarish or safai or bina electricity key,sotey bethey, shaam ho gayi. Bada socha fir, aftr khoob decision decided aaj DOSA@Sagar Ratna hojayey, mehnga hi sahi, kaunsa roz hota hai- aaj apney aap ko kitchen sey aram deykar order kiya South Indian , AC ki thandi hawa key neechey remote sey kheltey huey,yeh sochtey huey 'aaj ac jyada chala hai ab do din nahin chalaunga,chupakar rakh dunga remote ya cell nikaal kar, or do din bacha kucha khaakar pet bhar liya jaayega. Yehi hai jindagi or iski jagtojahat, bijli key bill ki chinta or jyaada barish sey pareshan hua ghabraya hua dil soch hi betha firsey ek baar or keh daala khud sey, chalo aaj kuch meetha h jayey, bade haath or kadam fridge ki or,to dekha icecream pigal chuki thi, fir socha isko milkshake samaghkar pee hi lu , thoda Internet chalakar kuch whatsapp karkey,khaney ki wait kartey huey kab waqt nikala pata hi na chala. Ab ac band kr diya aakhir main,,pankhe ki hawa key neechey bethey huey kaan khol kr ghanti ki awaaz suuney ko betaab,darwazey ki or jald badtey huey,or paisn ka khulla change tatoltey huey, faaltu light pankha off krtey huey, kitchn sey bartan lakar tabley ki mej pr saza daaley hain. Intezzar or bhookh ney masroof kiya hai thoda,waqt ko thaam liya hai. Likhtey sochtey baji ghanti, ek haath main khulley liyey, bada darwazey ki taraf, leykr seedha andar, khatam kiya ,jaan main jaan ayi jaisey...kuch der baad sambhaal kr bacha kucha, ek choti si walk ko nikal pada,mausam ka haal chaal maloom karney. Fir thodi der internet or laptop, saath maih music. Abhi tak aaj cold cofee ka zikra bhi nahin aaya. Fridge main bwnayi hui koi rakhi hi nahin aaj. Banayunga,thodi der main soya nahin to. Ab raat ho chali hai. Cooler is room sey us room ,or fir jyada betaabi par ac ka remote dhoondta hua haath, kuch der tak whatsapp or facebuk par thaki ungaliyon ko bistar par araam deyta hua shareer. Kuch nayi purani soch key hawaaley apney beetey huey palon key saath aaney waalon key baarey main chintan main magn yeh dil or dimaag. Kuch hasi thitholi,bitching, kaam kaaj,khana peena, sanjeeda or natkhat si baatein. Yun hi ek or din, dopehar,shaam or raat kati.ek or. Mathematics ungaliyon par hisaab karta hua dimaag , or anginat soch dil main leykar,fir jaaney ko hai ek nayi si sapnon ki duniya main.

Today(Aaj), It continued the same half day with rain, and the Electricity Issues Sorted taking in more than 2 hours or so!. Asking GOD to Stop Rain for a while, and it worked like Magic, Rain Stopped pouring the work was done and it started drizzling again! Made cups of Tea for the Electricity (3 Musketeers - that came in to solve the wires issues at home form the Pole and so on! - Much relieved to see my Electricity Bills, (Work's fine for me), Happy that I have made an effort to use it in/to the best possible way! Shifting between one room to another, with one light n fan off and on to the shift in and out - to n fro that house and out! Cleaning the Leaves, Sweeping the Water Out - Draining it all! & in between had no time that could have got to eat something! Noon it is now! I guess No plans as of now for whats for Dinner! as of now. kept 4 glasses of COLD COFFEE in the fridge(Ma@Energy Drink), & waiting for some parcels to be delivered from some Online Shopping thingi, with already a confirmation call received and sms on my cell! Waiting for it! One of the awaited Online Shopping thingi returned back, while I was busy opening n checking the other one delivered half n hour back! with my phone in the different room! - Awww, why I did not carried my cell with me , anyways! hopefully shall await for the same meanwhile, Happily cooked, Idli@Home, to go along with the left over yesterday's stuff, ordered, Just took a bath after the whole drizzly drizzled - all day long weather! Checking out some more online shoppe thingi and meanwhile addressing to friends n relatives, over the phone and whatsapp and fb! - To top it all of , Made Besan Key Laddu(experimented a new thingi - mixing n matching it with pea nuts this time, along with the Revadi, adding in Almonds (Badam) on to it! I tell u, some things just don't go waste anytime,and don't get spoils, u can just use them with the right thing at the right time, and it turns out really great! - Remembering Mom, made something sweet! - For dinner part shall eat 4 Idli's kept, if I feel hungry that is! & hog on to it! as n when I feel the urge to it!, Da same, cycle the same routine, all the while. almost same, went off! and so it goes on! - Anonymous 36, Delhi, India

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