Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mr Lecturer

It was just like one of the days to my Regular College Routines! Monday & Tuesday passed like just another day,at College Then came Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, during my accounts period, I Stood there, for an ongoing attendance and when it was my turn I just smiled at my friend(The Mr. Lecturer) and gave out my role number to him. He stared at me for a while and said rudely "I am not going to consider your attendance as you aren't attentive in class"initially I considered it to be a joke,but he repeatedly kept saying that he honestly/seriously meant it, & asked me to get a note from my mom. The following day, I panicked as to what mom would say, I was frustrated down to the core with him, felt like breaking down into tears, but didn't react(stood there Motionless as if everything just came to a one minute silence/pause! In a couple of minutes he came to my chair and handed me a book, assigning me a duty to get photocopies of particular pages for the whole section. I told him that I would do it for him on a condition if he would consider my attendance, else I would ask the Assistant Class Representative to do it for him. He got mad with me hearing that & turned his back towards me and walked away. We had the closing prayer in a while after which I was called to his department and was told " Are you a Magnet? Everyone seems to be attracted towards you?" I didn't follow what he meant by the comment he made and took it as an insult. I was completely shattered & could not concentrate over the college Introduction day practices and at home all that while.

The next day when he came to the class and I kind of purposely ignored him, bending down my head towards the floor, not a sight at his face while he stood there explaining(teaching) the lessons & asking questions. He too sounded very "Mr. Serious" & never cracked any joke's all that while. Left the class immediately after the bell rang. Meanwhile during the break, when I visited the college cyber and logged onto a social networking site,I happened to check my inbox and what I find there was - a message from him - "I heard you were hurt by my comments,I am really Sorry" ! Reading the message, to my utter surprise,looking at the monitor screen. wondering - "Imagine a lecturer saying sorry to a student"! I was overwhelmed & thought of compromising myself.

A little Later, We were suppose to submit our accounts notes to him, and I had submitted my book without writing or pasting a label(my name) on it. He sent a word with the Assistant Class Representative that "I hadn't submitted my book" - hearing that, I immediately rushed to his department, entered, & started talking to him politely with a huge grin over my face. He too couldn't control laughing the way i conversed with him. He heard my explanation about not writing the name, gave me the book and I left. After an hour when he was back to the class he was normal & I myself was more alert & attentive, taking part,listening to all that what he had to say/teach, interacting with him during the whole session.

Now everything was back to normal and I no ways had to suffer the strain on my neck by purposely "Bend-ing it like Beckham"(Female Version) for an hour again.! That was how my Wednesday started & came to an end(with a Happy ending to it - Just like one Soap Serials, Bollywood Movies).

- Anonymous, Female'16 (Bangalore)

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