Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Summery WALK

Had to do this Bank Work so I decided I need to go out and get it done. I walked few miles, and then I could not get a Rickshaw, So I decided to walk it all!. With the earphones in my head, Listening to what not, All mix...ed & all jinxed! With a bag hung on my shoulders sideways, with cell phone in ma pocket. I am sure you listen to the details of the music n its lyrics, and get to know much more of the actual meaning and the whole detailed bit of it, while u have nothing else to do, and only best you could do is listen to it! Walking down the road, wid a little heavy leather canvas sandals, thought I thought I should have taken up the rubber chappal, would have been a little airy & easy! With cut sleeve t-shirt I was wearing and a full length parallel, (that also from short to the long one- changed twice) before I left house!

1.5 km of distance covered to the destination, & stood there with my token and filled up the needful forms etc, while plugging off my earphone, and the cell phone went on loudspeaker by default, & the song that was playing was Munni Badnaan Hui Darling Terey Lieyey! Good Lord, without even turning back to notice who all was hearing to it, or had there reactions to it, I closed it, with pen in my hand, the form under my shoulder, the bad (i don't know where it was) ducked by cell phone in the back with the earphones, while I noticed, a slim trim, middle lower class lady in a blue saree with a big red bindi( I could not get an English name for it) looking at me, as If I was weird or I looked stranger & foreign(firang) to her. & sat back on my chair.

I met this guy, young school going aged, (not sure if he did go to school or not), As he approached me, I thought now he would ask for the pen, and I said fine I shall give it to him! (Just a Rs. 5 Reynold pen, & I would not even ask for it back if he forgets to give me back) He came to me saying Bhaiya ‘Ek from fill kardogey, Atm ka hai! (Brother, will you fill this form for me, its for the ATM purpose), to which I sweetly responded yes of course but you will have to wait for a while, since my number was flashed & I had to attend the person in charged to get my work done, for which I was here! I approached to the counter. Waiting 5 minutes, to being attended, & then I stood there wile my Account was being tallied/& form checked, ( This person always tell me, Please have a seat, & I always remember telling him no its absolutely fine!( I guess the more they ask you to sit on the chair, the more late they take to work, since they see that you are pretty much comfortable enjoying the chair, & least bothered looking at the time, or looking at there faces, wondering what the heck are they doing ,taking in so time, Why don’t they just do it, & get it over with.

And Then the usual time they take to get the work done, say about 10-15 minutes it took, though was lucky it worked real fast, else I would assume it to go for half an hour to 45 minutes. Done with the Work, I decided to leave other minor works since the major one was completed.

The going was decently easy! But on my return! I decided I will walk again, since I asked to Rickshaw Pullers if they would do, they said not going that way sir, & the other one said, it’s to hot, don't feel like going! On my way back! Half way, now I was getting a little freaked up! (With Sun Tan, coming to my mind, too, the sweat that was dripping off my face, and neck, with my hair coming on my face, irritating me more, with a thought again, why don't I get y hair chopped more, the tiny winy ones, will feel less heat on the head then, ending it here - the thought, I move ahead, as If I carried myself forward, since my legs would not move, & I would feel the Sandals that I was wearing were heavy and not lifting up off the ground, I somehow managed to,,,,move on,,,(for once thought what If I carry them in my hand, but the heat would burn my bare feet, (& passers by would think me to be a double weird, foreign(firang) Mad Guy! The music now seemed to be slow too, with cheerful fast peppy number in the starting when I was coming ,,,to the slow stagnated ones while I was going back! More then a half way crossed, there I saw some rickshaw-pullers, but decided would walk, - at least try to make it possible, to reach home on foot, As soon as I came nearer to my House, I felt If sum one could give me a lift to the little distance that was left, else I could have got wings that could suddenly heave appeared from no where, or a miraculous effect, with a blink of eye, I was in my house, sipping the cold water, sitting in my room with air conditioner on!

I was like half dead, just my foot knew what they were doing, and the rest of the body did not knew anything, just ears to the head, the music that flowed, energizing me to carry the flow and keep moving, keep going.

Two - Three People must have honked, passing my in there cars, I could not notice or hear, since I had my eyes a little closed, for I did not wanted to notice how far it was left ,still to reach home sweet home, and the heat was making me keep my eyes close often, & the tiredness made it even smaller.

One Man Stopped me, while he was coming from front, not actually bumping right into me, but pretty much close, He called me to his car, ,he stopped it, & he said, With your eyes closed & ears closed, you got to be kidding me, come on kid, grow up, what do you think you are doing, where do you think you're a walking blindfold! - Beta, Kaanon Main tumney yeh laga rakha hai, Aankhein tumhari band hain, Kya ho kya raha hai! He said, and I said Sorry Uncle, I know what you mean, will take care of it from now on. & he went & so did I moved on to my next slow steady baby steps.

A Little more closer to , near to my lane, I energized my self again, (& the peppy number came up, on my music track), & I was in speed again! As soon as I approached the Gate to my home, & as I moved forward, I would only want to see the Gate of my home, and nothing else but enter inside! I thought to myself - how wonderful it would have been if the fans running outside the houses with a young guard sitting in there could give me a five minute shelter, and hand me a chilled glass of water, & the next guard (Old Guy) with a hand fan, out of the house, with a smile I passed by, & said to the guard, It’s too Cold! , he smiled & said yes it is. Just few houses away to reach my place, I wondered if sum one could open the door for me, and stood at the gate welcoming me with Water, & get the Air Conditioner of my room on, while took a little time to enter. Alas I was inside the Gate, What a feeling of Content & Relief - sigh. Pulled out my earphones, searching for my keys meanwhile stepping closer to the door, deciding on to what shall I have, chilled water, or the cold coffee, as soon as enter in, and open m fridge, I was In now, and the first thing I did was exactly the same, removing my clothes, sipping the Cold Coffee, & a glass of Chilled Water form the fridge, I threw myself on the bed! It took my ten to fifteen minutes to get normal! With a sharing of the Walk I had to two people, one my neighbor & one my friend, who called to ask, if the Banks’s work was done and over with! I was at ease! Decided I need to put this thing on the blog, & I started to write, before I did forgot any of it. I look forward to the second bath again, and then couple of things to work on, and think about, Dinner, & so on, for the night, and the rest of the Bank Works to be done tomorrow or day after! I happily normalized myself ,quenched myself to the heated me.

I guess my walk to couple of miles, a 6km almost, approximately, was worth for, Delhi saw its first Monsoon rain today at almost 17:00 hours! That made me forget all the pain that I took to walk. the Rain - ( just wiped it off my face) as I went out to get wet, & came back in with my cup of hot coffee, sitting down to finish up this writeup! Though a small shower of rain, but worth ,changed the weather, and made it all wet, killing for the time being the scorching heat, the sun hidden ,& clouds in the sky! Why don't this weather stays the whole summer long! - Anonymous, 35, Delhi, India

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