Sunday, July 7, 2013

My INTERNSHIP With Ms.Veteran

I am 20 yr old, a Designer passed out from Pearl Academy of Fashion Institute, Delhi & Its ridiculous how design veterans treat freshers!  I was treated the same way' & here it is, & later I had to quit.

First of all some of them don't know how computers are being used and they expect freshers to do more from a computer & fight with it,strangling it to the best optimum way to give all more then what actually a software or feature could provide.

These high placed reputed Designer's exploit ,cheat and insult their interns for that, in spite of understanding and learning & experiencing, teaching, and making things more simple for them & each other vice-verse!

What I personally think, Learning from a young person is always safer to join an old person who has no idea about how modern design could be. I am definitely not anti-veterans but its just that few of them are just depressed souls who shower all their frustration on their interns and juniors. A person of a rather sound mind & of mature intellect should respect other person whosoever it be, even a fresher irrespective of their position not because they could most certainly do good in life and become famous & have name for themselves, or really be happy doing what they did best! They are humans too!

And being in a high position gives you no right to treat anyone like dirt/shit. The point is that almost every one would exploit you if you are a fresher but you must decide, who's worth suffering for!

Feel free to walk out of a place that gives you more of exploitation than learning !

At first I was so keen to join this designers office and on the very first day I was asked to write the 2 decade+ journey of the designer in the industry and many such tasks. As a design intern I did all the tasks given, which no ways was related to design at all. Along with it, came the other tasks like: Backing up the data of the computer systems and checking the video backups if the ran correctly, making lists,lists,lists and lists of all the nonsensical things like these.

Working under a big brand does not always get you the greatest of the learning's !
So do what you love, love what you do. Life and time's too short to spend on people who suck the happiness/learning and peace out of you.

No one is worthy of playing with your self respect, all the more also when you are correct in your own place & tell everyone that the new generation clearly knows the difference between right and wrong n does not support ass licking morons anymore.
CHELO KA ZAMANA GAYA!  (No One is Anyone's Slave/Servant, Gone are those Days, when it was like that way back).

Right is right ,wrong is wrong" Irrespective of the positions that people hold!

Finally I am over this situation by now, and moving on
& I don't think I shud ponder over it
Any more.

Anonymous,20, Delhi(Female)

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