Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life is Good - My HEART Surgery

I am on my way to my neighbors house to check on their baby chickens, they are out of town. I am listening to my creek which is roaring from the Spring run-off. Mt dearest friend of 40 years is coming from Santa Fe ,New Mexico to visit me today. She is an avid Tango Dancer as well as a very successful business woman, she has a shoe and Accessory store in Santa Fe. She hasn't been up here to visit in 15 years. I usually see her in Santa Fe because our band goes there to play about twice a year. I have a congenital connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome, I am going for another open heart surgery to replace my Aorta. Then later ,I will have another operation to do the Lower Aorta. This is a very big endeavor for me but it will save my life ,so I am happy they have the ability to do this. I will be recovering most of the summer but I hope to get back to my music as quick as I can because it is the best therapy. I know that my angels will be assisting me and I Let Go and let God. It is still a little scary for me but I have many friends praying for me and helping me. I am very lucky to be blessed with such great friends with great philosophies and it amazes me how small the world is and way around the world to feel a connection with them is wonderful. I live at 7000 ft. so there isn't much of a growing season here but my friends in the flatland have beautiful gardens and they share their vegetables with me.
I have taken up Tapping as a way to deal with the stress of it all and it seems to be helpful. As only my fellow Marfs can truly understand, I always say. Be in the Moment. Life is good.
What a shock! when my surgeon said there was a communication gap and my surgeries didn't get in his book and he as buying a house this week and has to move his family. I was so surprised because I was gearing up for it all. I am actually glad to have more time to get a little stronger and better prepared. Well, life is always full of surprises and one has to trust that the Universe has it's own sense of timing and our limited understanding does not see the big picture sometimes. I want my surgeon to feel his best and as he put it ,he wants to give me his full attention. These are big surgeries. I found out that I am having the Elephant trunk procedure, it is truly amazing what they can do. Now my surgeries are postponed. I still am having the Catherization soon.

Glad I get a little more time to prepare and enjoy the beautiful spring we are having . The lilacs are in full bloom and the creek is rushing. I am trusting that I am being guided to divine timing for the surgery. I would like to start the process so I could get to recovering but also I think I can use the extra time to be better prepared. I have a yoga breathing cd and a creating mindset for successful surgery cd that I am going to work with.Thank-you for your bright messages from all the way around the world. I feel so blessed by all the good energy coming my way. In Love and Light

- Anonymous, Female' Salina, Colorado

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