Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Could not SLEEP

Lied down on my Bed, after couple of Interactions and go through on the Social Networking Platforms! Tried to caught hold of the Sleep a bit early! “Thought would be a good idea to - go by the saying “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, makes a Man ,Healthy ,Wealthy & Wise, but I got to know recently thought some Survey thing, that the People who are actually Nocturnal, and Stay Awake, are the ones who are more Brilliant & Intellectual, & they tend to become one. Good Lord. Is that so, well I don't know, so cant comment on that! Ok doing away with that piece of info away in my head for the time being, I eagerly willingly accepted the first one.

So I laid and laid on the Bed, adjusting my water Cooler to my bed, straight on to my face, I guess I have a habit of having that little sound while I sleep. Else I feel something is missing, besides my Air Conditioner on and off simultaneously & so the fan! Well 3 things that would have put me to Sleep, & yes a small glass of milk, that I willingly had to take, since lately was cutting on to the Milk & Milk Products, and doing away with whole lot of things as per my fitness regime. So here I was on the bed , lying adjusting my pillow, & there it all started!

Chanting few hymns, and then Spiritual Religious Chants, a little bit of Meditating in between sitting up right, for much long, then as if there went this Singer from somewhere inside me, because I was carried away with many thoughts wondering my mind,(huge list), & making me sing all sort of self made , on the spot’ gibberish driven poetic lines, to ghazals, and carrying myself to a world of emotional journey to a pleasant peaceful one! This went for a long ,say one hour for sure!

I even became a static jogger, off the bed I jumped on to the floor and started jogging, keeping myself fixed on one place, then off to bed again, after getting a little tired, Then the leg cycling started on the bed itself, and a couple of exercises, from deep breathing too to others! (health conscious) me huh!. Then again I was caught with the flow of for a little half an hour sleep I got eventually, I dreamed of useless things and people all around me, from communicating on these so called social networking sites, to all the communications I had , to the people I met, to the relatives and friends, to the Cold Coffee thought troubling me in between, to the stuff in the fridge that was to be taken care of and sorted, to the areas of the house that needed to be cleaned, and so on! & the very thought of it just woke me up, and I was on my feet again! Switching on my Laptop again, connecting my net, to check all the updates, email’s, and notifications etc, to side by side filling up the filtered water, and brooming my guested leaves in the balcony & the entrance, & not the least, making Cold Coffee, churning my Mixer, and cleaning the utensils, & sorting out the waste & the garbage to be done away with.

Making faces sitting in front of the mirror next to me, while on the laptop. Too looking at the little inches or centimeters, if I lost any, in a day, huh! Thinking about getting my hair more shortened, to a couple of Online Shopping to be done with the available credits to my disposal! I am done with some of the bank work, and stuff, Just need to go out, if the weather is a little more friendly, would do the needful and would come down home. That’s what’s planned as in of now.

I fear I am not getting tired or sleepy at the moment, but would lie down a bit for a while who knows if it comes! & I would be up by noon, for all the work that is in pipelined to be addressed and done with.! - Anonymous, 35, Delhi, India

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